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    You are here : Home » MS Research News » Drugs » Aimspro (Goats Serum) » Aimspro - Published Research Papers

    Aimspro - Published Research Papers

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    Goat serum product 'Aimspro' restores conduction in demylienated human optic nerve fibres


    Acute optic neuritis is a common manifestation of multiple sclerosis. It presents as an episode of monocular blurring of central vision, with a pronounced effect on colour discrimination. While spontaneous resolution usually follows, successive attacks may result in irreversible and often, slowly progressive, visual loss. No medication has yet been available to improve visual function in these chronically affected patients. Here we present evidence of a promising approach to therapy along with electrophysiological indications of a remarkable rapidity of onset.

    For the full paper from the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience click here

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