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    Autogenic Therapy

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    Autogenic TherapyAutogenic therapy uses visual imagery and body awareness to promote a state of deep relaxation. A detached but alert state of mind called "passive concentration" must be achieved for autogenic therapy exercises to be carried out. People participating in autogenic therapy are taught relaxation and body awareness techniques. It is believed that these approaches can then be used lifelong to promote a more healthy lifestyle, allowing people to call on their own capacity for self healing and stress reduction.

    Autogenic therapy was developed in the 20th century by Dr. Johannes Schultz, a psychiatrist and neurologist. Dr. Shultz was influenced by the research of Professor Oscar Vogt, a psychiatrist and neurophysiologist who studied psychosomatic medicine. In the 1940s, Dr. Wolfgang Luthe added repetitive therapeutic suggestions to the autogenic technique.

    For more on  Autogenic Therapy please visit the British Autogenic Society  and also WebMD

    N.B. It should be noted that Autogenic therapy is an unregulated profession which means that anyone can call themselves an Autogenic Therapist and set up a training school or college, so it is important that you ask your Therapist about their qualifications. While the British Autogenic Society provides education for Autogenic Therapists, not all graduates of the Diploma course choose to be listed on their website.

    Autogenic Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis

    A pilot study into the beneficial effects of Autogenic Therapy on MS has been carried out, and, you can read about it in the MS Research News section of the website.

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