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    We at the MSRC are great believers in taking MS into your own hands. At this point in time there is no cure for this prevalent illness. However that does not mean there is nothing that you can do about MS! The exact opposite is in fact true. We do not believe that you have to be an MS victim and accept that a decline in your health is inevitable. The choice is yours as to whether you want to sit about waiting for that cure, or do something about MS right here and right now. There are a world of possibilities out there. Thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis have made a conscious decision to get their attitude right and then have taken things one step at a time from there.

    Here is a place where you can learn from and share your experiences with others. Each case of MS is different and what works for one may not work at all for another, but the important message here is that a multitude of drugs and therapies are working for many, so there is no reason why you cannot empower yourself with knowledge and discover what works for you!

    This part of the MSRC website is by you, about you, and for you! Do get involved and contact us with your thoughts and ideas of what else should be included on these pages. 

    Below you will find links to the various pages making up this section of the website.

    Gilenyae=To aid those who may have been prescribed Gilenya® or those thinking of asking their Neurologist to prescribe Gilenya® we at the MSRC have enlisted the help of people with MS who are now currently taking Gilenya® to provide some insight into how they went about getting given the drug and how the drug has changed, or not, their condition.

    StellaStella is undergoing  Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) and is kindly recording her treatment blog for the MSRC.

    Follow Stella from Pre-treatment to treatment to Post-treatment as she gives a no holds barred very personal account of her journey thrrough HSCT,

    Thumbs UpFrom time to time we are contacted by researchers looking for people with MS to participate in MS Research. Deatils of these studies can be found within this section. 

    You can have your say on a range of online e-petitions and also aid students with MS related surveys. 

    You can also write in on any MS or MSRC related issues you wish to raise with a wider audience and also recommend days out and review books you have read.

    We value any and every contribution from you.

    To contribute please write to [email protected]

    Help And AdviceIn this section you can read about other people's life stories, how they found out they had MS, how they dealt with this News, what life is like now, how they live with MS day to day.

    Also there are stories from Carers of people with MS, their stories are also important to us.

    We also have feedback from people with MS on what has helped them cope with the disease, or what has not been helpful to them on a personal level.

    TysabriTo aid those who may have been prescribed Tysabri® or those thinking of asking their Neurologist to prescribe Tysabri® we at the MSRC have enlisted the help of a number of people with MS who are now currently taking Tysabri® to provide some insight into how they went about getting given the drug and how the monthly infusions have changed, or not, their condition.

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    Did you find this information useful? Would you like to comment on this page? Let us know what you think! We welcome all comments and feedback on any aspect of our website - please click here to contact us.