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    MSRC Chat Room

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    Welcome to the MSRC Chat Room

    MSRC Chat Room

    MSRC Chat Room

    Please click on the link below to go to the MSRC Chat Room

    MSRC Chat Room

    MSRC Chatroom Sessions for week commencing 17th December.

    We are holding three scheduled, moderated chatroom sessions this week in the MSRC Chat Room.

    Tuesday, 18th 10am - 12 Noon GMT

    Wednesday, 19th 8pm - 10pm GMT

    Thursday, 20th 2pm - 4pm GMT

    Hope to see you all there!

    Using the MSRC Chat Room

    To enter the Chat Room please follow these instructions:

    Please click on the link below to go to the MSRC Chat Room.

    If you see Username, password, etc. it means you have the necessary java applet already installed on your browser. Please note, depending on your browser security settings you MAY have to grant Java permission to run the Chat Room Applet.

    However, if you see a grey space it means you need to dowload a java applet to enable your web browser to use the Chat Room. To download Java or update it, for free, please click here.

    It takes hardly any time to download the java applet and then you will be able to use the Chat Room. If the space remains grey you may need to restart your browser and also maybe delete your Web Browser's "Cache". If you require help with this please do not hesitate to contact the MSRC Webmaster at [email protected] 

    You can type in whatever username you like to use, and no password is necessary. Leave the room as "Main Chat Room", and click on "Login".

    To type a message once in the Chat Room just type in the green "dialogue box" and click on "Send". You will notice a number of icon buttons which allow you to change the colour of your text, add "smilies" to your messages, add sounds, pick an avatar picture etc.

    NB. If you would like to increase the size of the chat room, and thus slow down the speed of the messages in it, once in the chat room, please follow these instructions.

    On the toolbar above the green "dialogue box", third icon from the right is an icon for a pair of blue "windows". This is called "Float & Dock". Click on this icon and a new window will appear. If the window is not full-size for your screen simply "double click" with your mouse on the blue top border of the window to increase to maximum size for your screen.

    MSRC Chat Room

    Please click on the link to go to the MSRC Chat Room

    MSRC Chat Room

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