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    Payroll Giving

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    Payroll Giving LogoPAYROLL GIVING

    This is an easy, hassle-free way to donate to the MSRC tax free, and a great way to make your donation go further without extra cost to you!

    Payroll Giving is a scheme to help employers to enable their employees to donate each month and take advantage of tax relief on their donation.

    For example, if an employee donated £10 per month, the donation is deducted before PAYE tax, so in effect the donation is £7.80, giving the donor tax relief and the MSRC receiving the full donation without having to reclaim the tax.

    For an added bonus, each donation of £10 will be matched £ for £, turning a £7.80 donation into £20 for the MSRC.

    If your company doesn’t have a Payroll Giving scheme in place, just contact [email protected] for more details.

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