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    Current Year's Business Sponsorship

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    New corporate sponsor for TeamMSRC

    Luke Chapman with members of MSRC staff and MaximuS

    TeamMSRC are very proud to announce the corporate sponsor of their new high tech running t-shirts and vests; the Business Performance Group led by long time supporter of the charity, Managing Director Luke Chapman.

    As Luke said to the Colchester Gazette “My sister lost her sight for about a month after she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 25. Fortunately, she regained it but it was a very harrowing time for the whole family. It had a really major impact on me. My sister having MS acted as a wake-up call because it made me realise how lucky I was. I stopped smoking and started getting fit. I’ve lost three-and-a-half stone and this year I ran my first London Marathon for the Resource Centre. I discovered what a fantastic job the Resource Centre does. I launched the BP Group two years ago and I am now in a position where I can help the charity with sponsorship, which I am delighted to be doing.”  You can see the full article here.

    Luke will continue his support of MSRC by facing the GRIM challenge in December. He will take part in the 8 miles off-road course on the Army vehicle testing ground in Aldershot.  Beyond the challenge of a normal 10 mile run, this route includes all sorts of terrains as well as a lot of mud! You can check out this gruelling challenge at If you would like to support Luke then you can visit his just giving page at

    New Pathways Cover Issue 53

    Direct Solutions look after our printing needs, and managing director, Allistair Hunter is a real supporter of MSRC. He has run both the London and New York marathons for MSRC. We are really grateful for his continuing support!

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