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    TeamMSRC logo

    TeamMSRC is the name we give to anyone taking part in some kind of eventon behalf of our charity.

    Whether it is the Virgin London Marathon or a three legged race, if you are doing it for MSRC you are part of the team.

    Along with the personalised Sponsor Forms, Posters and the Campaign letters we also have aexclusive TeamMSRCrange of running vests and t-shirts, which we are happy to supply.

    Our attitude is that if even only one new person affected by MS gets to hear about us through what you are wearing that is a result.

    On top of that we like TeamMSRC members to really aim for those stars when it comes to sponsorship.

    We don't mind if it is 10 or 10,000 as long as it is the best you can do. That is what TeamMSRC is all about - being part of being the best.

    TeamMSRC Ladies logo

    Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC)

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