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    Have Your Say

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    Here you can have your say on a range of online e-petitions and also aid students with MS related surveys.

    You can also write in on any MS or MSRC related issues you wish to raise with a wider audience and also recommend days out and review books you have read.

    We value any and every contribution from you, if you would like to add something to these pages please contact us.

    This is your chance to share your views about any MS books you have read.  

    From time to time MSRC are contacted by Research Students and survey companies who are conducting MS related surveys.

    We are pleased to aid these individuals and companies in their researches, where appropriate.

    From time to time the MSRC is made aware of groups who have organised online e-petitions to raise awareness of a certain "health issue" which affects those with MS.

    We provide a portal to these e-petitions as a service to those who may be affected by what the petition is about. MSRC, being independent, does not endorse any particular campaign that may be highlighted by these petitions, but aims to provide all those affected by MS with all current matters which may have an influence on their current or future well-being.

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