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    Living With MS

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    The MS MountainRead about other people's lives with MS, how they found out they had MS, how they dealt with the news, what life is like now, how they live with MS day to day.

    Also there are stories from Carers of people with MS, their stories are also important to us.

    Although it is very rare, there are cases of MS that are so aggressive that the illness does actually lead to death. Usually it is not the actual MS that causes the death, but other factors such as pneumonia or infection. The body is so weakened in these rare cases that in the end it cannot find the strength to ward off such illnesses.

    This is a place where you can commemorate loved ones you have lost through MS, remembering all the good memories together with all the beauty and goodness in your loved ones which MS can never take a way.

    Why not send us your MS life story? Or maybe you know someone with MS or are a Carer and have a tale to tell? Have you lost a parent, friend or partner to MS? Maybe your story can help and console others in a similar position? Contact us and tell us your story.

    MS Lives

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