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    You are here : Home » Get Involved » MSRC Interactive » Tysabri® User Diaries » Martha Rogers' Tysabri Diary

    Martha Rogers' Tysabri Diary

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    Martha Rogers

    My name is Martha Rogers I am 54 years old married 23 years and mother to two girls. I was diagnosed with MS on February 2, 2004.

    I started on Avonex within two weeks of diagnosis. I was diagnosed after an attack of optic neurosis which the eye doctor thought could be a brain tumor. After a MRI the true diagnosis of MS was discovered.

    I heard of a new drug coming out at the time called Antigren. After a couple of relapses and new brain lesions my Doctor and I decided to try this drug. I was able to have two infusions before the drug was pulled from the market.

    With out the Antigren I continued to have relapses and an increase in brain lesions.

    I was given the chance and honor to testify at a FDA advisory committee meeting March 2005.

    Since the reintroduction of the drug now called Tysabri I have been able to get monthly infusions of Tysabri under the FDA TOUCH program.

    My last two MRI studies showed no change, progression or new lesions due to MS. I feel well, am able to walk and work part time with the MS.

    I have no side effects from Tysabi and am confident that I will continue to do well on the drug.

    Martha's Update March 2009

    My Tysabri calendar would like to report continued good health. I have experienced  no disease progression ,

    ZERO relapses and ZERO new lesions per the last MRI. I go to CURVES FIVE times a week to exercise and feel great!

    We have a new puppy in our household which keeps me very busy!

    Martha Rogers  Norfolk, Va

    Martha's Update February 2008

    Greetings Fellow MS People,

    I am doing so very well on Tysabri! The last two MRI scans showed 0, nada , ZERO, NO NEW LESIONS!   IN addition I have had ZERO RELAPSES!

    My MRI scans were 6 months apart. My energy is high and I walk 2 to 3 miles every night! I also practice yoga each day. I work part time at Eastern Virginian medical School as a standardized patient. The past week I have presented to groups of MS patients in DC and Richmond, VA

    About my success with Tysabri.I promote exercise, healthy diet, Tysabri and a positive attitude to succeed with MS!

    Martha Rogers

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