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    Colonic Irrigation

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    Colonic IrrigationFurther Information

    For more information or to find your nearest registered practitioner contact:

    Colonic International Association,
    Administrative Department,
    16 Drummond Ride,
    HP23 5DE (England).

    Tel. (01442) 825632.
    Fax (01442) 827687


    Sylvia Brown's Colonic Irrigation Experience


    As I have suffered from constipation due to MS and have a moderate Candida problem (or yeast overgrowth) I decided that possibly the best way to tackle this was to try Colon Hydrotherapy (or Colonic Irrigation as it is otherwise known). So with some trepidation I booked my appointment with Shirley Jay Lambert, who is a fully trained and registered Practitioner who works in Sheffield. I had an idea what the therapy would involve but to be honest I preferred not to think about it too much!

    Before the appointment I filled in a form detailing my medical history and answering questions about my present state of health. I took this along to the session and was firstly given a Consultation and plenty of advice regarding diet and nutrition. I was then asked to go to the toilet to empty my bladder, change into a white gown (like you get in hospitals) and climb up onto the bed. Then I was given a simple bowel examination before we began.

    This therapy involves gently filling the colon with warm filtered water through a small sterile tube, called a speculum. I started lain on my side and then after insertion of the tube I could turn over onto my back. The water is flushed in and when it flushes out, it carries with it any material that has built up in the intestine including water, waste matter, toxins and trapped gases.

    The whole process is completely contained so as a patient you do not actually see anything, you just let the process be done to you, which I did find somewhat disconcerting and a bit of an ordeal emotionally. Physically though it was not painful or the cause of any discomfort. During the session Jay would press gently on parts of my lower abdomen to encourage the release of blockages. The final part of the therapy involves replenishing the colon with friendly bacteria, which is quickly done by squirting a probiotic liquid up the back passage.

    Afterwards I did feel pretty washed out! This was not surprising though as during the actual session, which lasted about an hour, I had had approximately 15 gallons of warm water gently flushed through my colon and I had lost more than 5 lbs of waste matter! Some people may experience a ‘healing crisis’ as toxins are eliminated from the body (and so feel worse before the feel better), but for me I think it was just the aftermath of the procedure which I hadn’t been fully prepared for.

    The next day, however, I felt as good as new and somewhat more buoyant. Since this time I have had daily bowel movements, which for me is most unusual. I think the sesame seeds I am now eating daily are also helping with this, as seeds are one of the best forms of fibre you can eat, alongside plenty of fruit and vegetables. It makes sense to me that if you are constipated, due to a sluggish digestive system with MS, to give the colon a good clean out occasionally. The muscles of the colon get a work-out too which is an added bonus.

    I have since had a second session and this time the therapy was no big deal and I just had a really good chat with Jay. This lady is very down to earth, and keeps a sense of humour at all times, I think you’d have to with a job like that!

    I believe this therapy is proving beneficial to my overall health and that it could be helpful to people with a variety of medical conditions i.e. irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, recurrent urinary tract infections, candida (or yeast overgrowth), and fatigue amongst many others. I have been feeling less bloated, more energetic and somewhat lighter and clearer generally, though I would hesitate to give all the credit for this to this therapy. As this procedure is pretty invasive I wouldn’t recommend it as the ‘answer’ though, especially as it doesn’t come cheap, costing between £30 and £45 (depending on how many session you pay for at once).

    Perhaps tackling the issue of why you keep on needing ‘unclogging’ in the first place may be a cheaper and better solution in the long-term? But I do think that most people, whether they have a health problem or not, could benefit from a good ‘wash out’ occasionally, perhaps once or twice a year, and that this therapy could have the potential to prevent a whole host of degenerative diseases.

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