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    Bioresonance Therapy

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    Bioresonance Therapy

    Further Information

    A list of practitioners and information about Bioresonance is available from:

    Chris Boardman,
    Chairman of the Bioresonance Society.
    Tel: 0118 9866635 (Reading)
          01865 513239 (Oxford)

    I started Bioresonance two or three years ago. I had a lot of metals from dental work. I also had a fungal thing, the Epstein Barr virus, and various bacteria. I also showed sensitivity to wheat. I found accidentally, when I took some concentrated wheat germ oil, that I had a very bad reaction.

    With all the other things I'm doing, I feel there is some overall improvement. I think if I hadn't done all these things I'd be considerably worse than I am.

    The Bioresonance machine seems to charge the system up. I've got relapsing remitting MS, with quite bad attacks every two or three years. The first was in 1994. There seems to be a pattern going on.

    I've been having Bioresonance for two years. The Bioresonance machine seems to charge the system up. It means my body is stronger for longer. The attacks are just as bad but the duration is shorter. Bioresonance doesn't help my symptoms - it just seems to keep my energy levels stronger. Recovery is quicker. I have acupuncture as well. The two seem to go hand in hand.

    I also take sunflower oil and vitamin D. I'm allergic to steroids. My body just rejected them immediately. They bring on anaphylaxis - the same problem as people who are allergic to nuts. It causes the throat to close up, the feet to blister and you pass out. That's why I went to see Chris Boardman (my therapist). He thinks a lot of my attacks are brought on by stress and is trying to re-charge my energies. He works mainly on the spinal and chest areas.

    Each session lasts about 20 minutes. I go every three weeks. There's no obvious feeling or sensation during treatment. For the next few days I'm definitely better off. Bioresonance helps with fatigue. If I miss treatments my immune system seems under greater stress and I have been known to have minor MS relapses. My neurologist said that steroids would bring the duration of the attacks down by 50% - but the treatment from Chris seems to be doing a similar sort of job naturally.

    Francis Pulling
    What Is Bioresonance?
    For those of us who are used to homely herbs, homeopathy, or the hands-on healing of aromatherapy massage, Bioresonance Therapy seems positively high tech. It's based on the idea that everything, including our own bodies, is made of energy. It uses a machine to detect and treat disturbances in your energy field.

    In the human body, each cell and organ has its own specific frequency or vibration based on electromagnetic waves or oscillations. These are like radio waves. Even DNA has its own 'wavelength'. There are healthy, normal oscillations and unhealthy ones. Unhealthy oscillations interfere with the correct functioning of the body. The aim of Bioresonance is to retune the body to support and strengthen its own healing mechanisms.

    The problems Bioresonance might help can come from toxins, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, mercury from dental fillings, parasites, muscle strains, and even your home computer.

    Diagnosis and Treatment
    Diagnosis and treatment are painless and safe. You sit comfortably with a brass electrode in your hand, under your foot, or elsewhere on your body. Leads connect this to the Bioresonance machine (usually a BICOM), an impressive-looking piece of equipment with lots of dials and LEDs.

    Lady using a Bioresonance Machine

    Frequencies from different parts of your body are fed in the machine, using the acupuncture points on your fingers and toes as 'aerials'. Treatment is given according healthy oscillations are amplified or strengthened by the machine before being 'played back' into your body, while unhealthy frequencies first modified or inverted.

    The electrical frequencies are very low and you generally don't feel anything, although some people feel a slight tingling. The first few treatments are a good indication of how useful Bioresonance is going to be - it's different for everyone.

    I have tried Bioresonance myself, and felt I had more energy for several days after each treatment. Other people seem to feel that it benefits their energy levels most.

    Herbs, homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements can be selected through Bioresonance - the ideal remedy resonates with the part of your body that needs help. Its frequency can be administered as a treatment, or it can be taken in the normal way. The Multicom machine also uses the frequencies of gems, metals, sounds and colours.

    There are around 25 Bioresonance practitioners in the UK. Its use goes back about 30 years. It was introduced by the German Dr Reinhold Voll, who founded Voll's electroacupuncture system, and further developed by Dr Franz Morell who used the patient's own oscillations in treatment. More recently, Professor Cyril Smith of Salford University has researched Bioresonance further.

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