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    Hypnotherapy worked for me - Martin Thomas
    HypnotherapyHypnotherapy gave me back my confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Most important - I now feel OK about myself.

    From primary school, I always thought there was something wrong with me. I wasn't like other children. I never smiled, and was frightened of everything. Later, I got married to the first girl I met.

    I went to see hypnotherapist Richard O'Neill at a time when it felt my life had ended. My marriage had split up, I had to sell the car, I'd lost my clerical job, and couldn't walk because of the MS. I was searching for anything.

    The reason I chose Hypnotherapy is because I had totally lost all confidence. I had lost my life. I thought, 'What's the point of carrying on?' I felt a lot of fear, I was scared and insecure.

    It has worked. I now have confidence, self-esteem, and believe in myself. My social life is a hell of a lot better. I'm no longer scared of meeting people. Since having the hypnotherapy, I am not so much in fear and not so agitated. Now, I have no trouble socialising with people, including women. I can be friendly, self-assured and relaxed. And I can smile.

    To get me into a hypnotic state, Richard stood behind me and counted back from 5. It calms the mind down and gets you into deep relaxation. Even though you are in a hypnotic state, you are not in fear and are told you wouldn't allow anything to be done that you weren't comfortable with.

    Being in the hypnotic state itself is very pleasant - calming and relaxing. You are fully aware of everything that's being said.

    The way Richard helped give me confidence is by giving me affirmative statements while under hypnosis. His affirmations included things like:

    • Martin, you can walk independently.
    • You can talk to new people.
    • You can smile.
    • You can be confident
    It didn't work straight away. In fact it wasn't until I'd had three or four sessions that I became confident that this man could help me get my life back. In all, I had around 20 sessions, each lasting about an hour.

    Richard also helped me with my physical body. With the MS, I had got it into my head that I couldn't do anything with it. But under hypnosis, he gave me positive affirmations like , 'You have a strong, supple body' and 'You can move.'

    The hypnotherapy has given mind a much more positive attitude. Since the hypnotherapy sessions, I've been going to the gym several times a week. So I'm stronger, more mobile, and can move more easily.

    I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy for MS if you're trouble in your mind in whatever way. It's excellent.

    Most important of all, I now think I'm OK.

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