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    Mercury Filling Removal

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    Mercury Fillings RemovalMany people believe there is a connection between MS and Mercury Fillings and that it is beneficial to have them removed.

    For a comprehensive overview of Amalgam Mercury Fillings and their possible affects on MS patients please go to the Huggins Applied Healing Site.

    For an alternative view on Mercury Filling Removal please refer to the Mercury Fillings page on the WebHealth website

    If you wish to have your Mercury fillings removed then please ensure you seek out a professional who will do the job properly and protect you from toxic metal poisoning.

    I'm Smiling - Ruth Moult
    A friend told me about a homeopathic dentist who could test for mercury leakage from fillings and then replace them safely.

    When I arrived at her surgery I was put at ease as the whole feel of the place was relaxing despite my dread of dentists. The testing simply involved placing a probe against each filling and taking a reading of the percentage of mercury leaking from it. Of my three offenders, two were extremely high (over 60%) and one not too bad.

    This dentist gave me a leaflet with details of the various supplements to be taken two weeks before removal and a minimum of two weeks after. The essential ones are:

    • A good multi vitamin/mineral
    • Vitamin C
    • Glutathione
    • Activated charcoal
    • Magnesium
    • You must also drink at least a gallon of water a day for four days after removal of amalgam (I cheated a bit here!)
    The following month I was back to have the first filling removed. Feeling uptight, I was offered a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy. As I began to relax, I looked up at a friendly toy Bugs Bunny attached to the light, almost winking encouragement at me! I was told I would be kept informed throughout of what was happening and there was nothing to worry about. I began to relax even further. Then came the local anaesthetic.

    Now I was about to see for myself just how good my dentist was in the safe removal of mercury. I had been draped in a huge rubber 'bib' once I got onto the chair, and now a tiny oxygen mask was placed over my nose and my eyes covered. The dentist and her nurse kept talking to me, which was a comfort.

    I was told that the mercury was going to be drilled out, that there would be a lot of water and suction going on, and not to swallow. After about three minutes all the mercury was out.

    Then the rinsing began to get rid of any offending bits that were still there. All the protective gear was removed and I was amazed that it was over. I was then given a homeopathic pill to help me unwind.

    Since then I have had all my mercury fillings removed. The effects on my MS have been a great improvement in energy levels, regular sleep patterns, a general sense of well being that I didn't have before, and I no longer have that 'heavy legs' feeling.

    Now, I always insist to friends and family (especially those with children who do not yet have fillings) not to have mercury fillings put in their mouths. Standard NHS dentists can appear exasperated when you ask for a white filling (my husband's did), but don't let this put you off.

    Further Information

    Ruth's dentist is:

    Carolyn Green at the Henry Shaw Clinic, Kelvin House, Bridgewater Road, Winscombe
    North Somerset BS25 1NW
    Tel: 01934 844 757

    Also refer to:

    Holistic Dental Centre
    5 Hart House, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7HA
    Tel: 01252 820004  
    Fax: 01252 820003
    Email: [email protected]

    and -

    Patients Against Mercury Amalgam (PAMA)
    No 9, 6-9 Bridgewater Square
    London EC2Y 8A
    Tel: 020 7256 2994

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