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    Cooling Products

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    Cooling ProductsMany people with MS are sensitive to heat, although others report not liking the effects of cold.

    There are many self-help ways to keep cool and New Pathways has covered many handy tips on the subject.

    You can:

    • Take tepid, not hot, baths
    • Use fans and air conditioners
    • Go to cool places on holiday
    • Sip cold drinks or, even better, suck an ice cube

    We also have some health tips on keeping cool which may help.

    You may wish to also find our Cooling Products review page of some use.

    Linda Tovey
    "This is the only thing I can say categorically brings results," says Linda Tovey. "People are amazed at the difference it makes to my mobility."

    My cooling machine is the one thing that is guaranteed to give me verve and vigour. I use it every single day, from 7 to 8 in the morning, whatever the weather. It makes a difference even when the weather isn't hot.

    I am always amazed that more people do not know about cooling machines and don't try them out. It is well known that many people with MS are sensitive to heat and humidity. This is not just from the temperature outside, but also from hot baths, central heating or the effects of a fever.

    It seems that when our inner core body temperature is even slightly above normal, MS symptoms are worsened due to nerve conduction slowing down.

    This cooling system allows the body to readjust its thermostat and can give several hours of improvement from symptoms. I suffer with the usual frozen lower legs and feet and need to ensure I don't ever get too cold or it's hard for me to warm up.

    It cost me £1000 a number of years ago but that is cheap when you think I get alleviation from symptoms on a daily basis.

    I have HBO, use alternative therapies, follow the dietary advice for MS, receive healing etc. However, this is the only thing I can say categorically brings results. It's testable. You can feel, see, touch, and sense it. Also, it's completely observable by others who are amazed at the difference it makes to my mobility.

    Jacqueline Toff
    "The cooling machine gives me more get up and go"

    I use a portable cooling machine similar to the Genie which I've had for seven years. It's a big box. put ice blocks in it and a special coolant liquid.

    The ice blocks big metal ones, like picnic blocks but bigger. You put them in the freezer. You can use ordinary, ice but you would need a lot. The blocks keep the machine cold enough for 2 or 3 cooling sessions of 40 minutes. This is enough reduce the core body temperature. The coolant is a special solution you buy which circulates through the machine and jacket.

    The suit is connected to the machine by a hose. I can move around within a radius of a few feet while using mine. My machine plugs into the mains. It doesn't require any maintenance other than wiping clean. In a hot spell I find it gives me just a little more energy e.g. if I have to do something or go out, 40 minutes on the machine gives me a bit of 'get up and go'.

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