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    Ab Exerciser

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    Liz Brice
    Abdominal ExerciserMy balance and general control of movements have been getting worse this year. I’m careful about diet and do stretching yoga exercises every day, but I knew I could do with more help. My physiotherapist suggested an exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles, which would help with balance. The trouble was that they are quite hard work, and although I am quite self-motivated in many ways, I can find almost any excuse not to do exercises that leave me exhausted.

    Then a good friend who’s a nurse told me that you can buy a simple machine from Argos that would make the exercises easier but just as effective. I promptly went out to get their ‘Leisurewise Tummy Exerciser’. I find it’s ever so much easier to do exercises with some sort of a machine to help you, both for motivation and to do them efficiently.

    The exercises are basically to lie down with your legs pulled up then sit up a small way and lie back down again slowly. It sounds easy but it’s not! I found it very hard to begin with, but, like any exercises you find it easier the more you do and as with all exercises it’s best to do a little often. I now do these sit-ups five or so times a day. I breath in the way we were taught at Yoga-breath out as you sit up and in again as you lie down.

    After just a few weeks of this I can really feel the difference. My bowels are a lot happier, and I don’t feel I’m in constant battle with them! It’s not so easy to tell with balance yet, but I can feel I have more control over that area of my body. When you start feeling results the motivation isn’t nearly so hard.

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