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    Chi Machine

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    Further Information

    You can find further information on Chi Machines at:

    Sylvie's Disability Living Shop.

    Nicola Gilbert
    I just feel more buoyant and energised. The Chi Machine makes the feel more capable, more up, more dynamic and gets the out into the world.

    Working as chiropodist, I was having some problems with my neck. I had severe muscular pain and felt distorted and lopsided. I was also quite depressed.

    Then I read somewhere that the Chi machine might help. I bought my machine in February 2002 and absolutely adored it from the first gentle fishy wiggle.

    It gives me stress relief, calms me down, takes the painful knots out of me, energises me, and makes the more buoyant and happy. It works on both a physical and emotional level. Even just 30 seconds on the Chi machine gives the buzz.

    It also very easy to use. You just lie flat on the floor with your feet on the machines foot rests. When you switch it on it makes your whole body wiggle pleasantly. It massages you from top to toe without you having to make any effort.

    Nicola using her Chi Machine

    There are hand controls which you can set for the amount of time you want, such as five or 15 minutes. You can't overdose on it. You begin to get the physiological defects in around four minutes. After it stops you get this wonderful rush of energy going through you. It also gets you in the right kind of diaphragmatic breathing.

    I use it whenever I feel the need - usually three times a day. It breaks up the day and makes this stop and have some easy, peaceful ‘being’ time. It's good to have some space in a day when you can ‘chill out’.

    The Chi machine was designed by Japanese doctor to bring more oxygen into body. The nub of how it benefits you is the gentle movement and oxygenating effect. It also helps detoxify the body. Oxygen therapy is known to help MS, and this is one way of getting more oxygen around the body.

    Knowing that this machine has excellent credentials and has been clinically trialled in Australia on people with circulation problems such as lymphoedema and venous oedema gives me confident to.

    I wouldn't claim that it cures anything, and it's not the only thing I do to manage MS (am also careful with my diet and take supplements and antioxidants). But it helps to bring the body into balance and to keep it that way.

    The Chi machine has impressed me so much I have become a distributor. There are lots of awesome MS stories about these machines and that would like to be involved with medical trials so that this machine becomes part of mainstream treatment for people with MS.

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