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    Standing Machine

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    Further Information

    Some MS Therapy Centres have their own standing frame as part of their physiotherapy equipment.

    The Insignis frame costs £3,500 + £85 delivery including VAT (no VAT payable if disabled).

    A frame can be hired for £29.50 per week for 13 weeks to see how you get on with it. If you then decide to buy, all money paid is subtracted from the price.

    Otherwise, you can continue to rent at £29.50 per week, but the frame remains the property of Insignis.

    Insignis Ltd
    Grove House,
    Elm Grove,
    SL6 6AD

    Tel: 01628 776070
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Sara Smith

    After falling against a boiling hot radiator, I needed a skin graft on my thigh. I then spent two weeks in hospital having intensive physiotherapy as the muscles in my right leg had been badly traumatised. I was having excruciating muscle spasms in my legs, and was unable to straighten them at all. From being able to walk short distances with crutches, I was now reliant solely on a wheelchair and became increasingly worried that I wasn't standing on my legs at all.

    In Amersham Hospital, one of the pieces of equipment they had in the gym was a rather sophisticated-looking electric standing machine. I seemed to benefit greatly from my two 20 minute daily stands in this machine and when I went home it felt as though I was having to part from an old trusty friend!

    So before leaving, I wrote down the manufacturer's details. Insignis, who make the standing machine, couldn't have been more helpful. One of their directors, Jamie McAnally, spent a great deal of time explaining the benefits of being vertical for someone who spends most of their time in a wheelchair. Your circulation is greatly improved and digestion is helped as the intestinal tract isn't all squashed up.

    This was one benefit I noticed immediately. When I stood regularly, my bowels functioned much better, and more frequently! Everyone in my family noticed the improvement in the colour of my legs and feet.

    Normally being a rather unattractive purple/blue colour (like a dead man's legs and feet, as my husband so beautifully puts it!) they are now a normal pink colour again!

    Standing also ensures that calcium reaches the lower limbs, decreasing the likelihood of osteoporosis, which you are more prone to if you use a wheelchair. The muscles in the legs and trunk are also being used whilst using the standing machine.

    I would thoroughly recommend this machine anyone who spends prolonged periods sitting down.

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