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    Sex Aid - A Happy Female
    Acc-u-ssagerI was re-reading the article the other day about how Viagra is helping people with MS get their sex lives back on track. This has given me the confidence to tell you about what helps me achieve orgasm, something I thought would never happen again (and what a big loss that would have been).

    I have experimented with Viagra and though it has increased sensation down below, it has not been mind-blowing in its effect. I am female and cannot yet get this drug on prescription so it is an expensive way to go. I am also not convinced that it does my MS that much good. I don’t like the headache and it makes me feel a bit rough.

    This may be due to the fact that Viagra works by increasing neurotransmission through a Nitric Oxide (NO) stimulated pathway. To do this I assume that Viagra must cause an increase in NO levels in the body. Though NO is crucial to numerous biological processes, it could be potentially hazardous to people with MS. Cooling vests, which improve MS symptoms have been shown to reduce NO levels by 41%. Dr De Keyser thinks therefore that nitric oxide may contribute to MS symptoms by reducing axonal conduction of demyelinated axons.

    Also drinking Green tea, which has been shown to be good for people with MS also depreciates NO levels. Having said this, the role if any, Nitric Oxide plays in people with multiple sclerosis has not yet been established, so my apparent sensitivity to Viagra could be purely psychological (in that I now think that it is bad for my health so it therefore is!)

    I have also experimented with vibrators, but again they have been disappointing as they are not powerful enough. I have found a massager that does the business however, and it is called the Acc-U-Ssager. Ironically I went for a temporary job six years ago which involved selling these massagers in Marks & Spencers, and though I did not make saleswoman of the year, it came in very useful later on.

    As a massager it is great too - you can use it on your neck, back, feet or any part of the body and it works on the Accu-pressure points of the body. It is deeply relaxing and feels particularly good on the neck and shoulders. It can also improve sleep, alertness, reduce coughing and car or sea-sickness and also relieves muscular pain and soreness. It also alleviates stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as improving circulation. When rolled between the hands of under the feet it warms them up.

    It is powered by two AA Batteries (so you can use rechargeable ones) and so makes a buzzing noise but no louder than any other massager. However it vibrates more strongly than your usual vibrator. Most sex-toys are made of plastic and so, in my experience, are limited in their effectiveness (especially dildos, which look pretty ridiculous anyway - visually and physically they do nothing for me.)

    As this Acc-U-Ssager is made of metal, this enables enough pressure to be applied to overcome the loss in sensation (you know where) so I can achieve orgasm. It gets the blood circulating in this region too, a bit like Viagra I guess, only a lot better. The strong vibrations feel wonderful and the orgasms more intense than ever!

    Though to look at you may think it could be rather painful, you can easily overcome this by padding it with a baby wipe for instance. I am only talking about using this massager externally of course. It is very stimulating to play with, whether male or female, and your man will love its affects on you! I am sure it would also be useful to men who have difficulty maintaining an erection.

    I do not know whether this is unique to my case of MS, but I find that when I get close to orgasm, my legs desperately want to straighten, and this can ruin everything. So it might be useful if your partner pins your open legs down to sustain the intensity and enable you to get and achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

    The Acc-U-Ssager can also be used effectively during intercourse, with your man on top (as long as he has strong arms to hold himself up) or on your side with him behind you (though he may have to help you hold your top leg up). The ideal for me is Doggie Style. I can use it from the front whist he makes love from behind. This is wonderful and usually you can climax together (or maybe my man is just very controlled).

    Only recently did I come across the old leaflet, which reminded me of how “Acc-U-Ssager” is spelled so enabling me to do a search to find a new one on the internet! And hey presto I found two websites in the States which supply it.

    Naturally I was ecstatic, as my old one, being 6 years old, though still effective believe it or not, was on its last legs. I ordered a couple of new ones - one like my old one (CJ-1100 - as pictured), and the other (CJ-P1100) which is the same but with a Magnetic Cap (This has three prongs on the end and I assume that the magnet must be therapeutic to the body massage in some way). Either seem equally effective anyway and they will send you whichever they have in stock. You can also order them in either silver or gold.

    Just when you fill out the order form don’t tell them of all the parts of the body you may try the Acc-U-Ssager out on, that can be our little secret .

    You can find out more about the Acc-U-Ssager and other massaging health products by visiting

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