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    Incontinence Aids

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    The Pipinette stand-up portable potty - Barbara, Cumbria

    Pipinette Portable Potty

    Having bladder problems, I would like to explain my new device to your readers. I bought my Pipinette from my physiotherapist Liz Hampton-Yates who recommended it for emergencies. It's a great boon, and has made all the difference.

    The Pipinette is designed so you can stand up comfortably and pass water. This is a brilliant attractive small and lightweight jug, made in Sweden. Mine is lime green. I use the Pipinette when I'm off my legs and I can't walk to the toilet easily. It's a horrible feeling wanting to go to the toilet and not being able to get there, not being able to walk. So I always keep it by my side.

    If you can't get to the toilet, using the Pipinette is better than wetting yourself, which I used to do. I just couldn't get there in time.

    So far, I've only used the Pipinette in the privacy of my own living room, and I would also use it in the caravan. When I want to go, I pull myself up on my walker, pull down my trousers, and just stand there with the Pipinette placed in the right position.

    The publicity pictures show women using the Pipinette in all kinds of places - on car journeys, out hiking, sailing, up in a balloon, and even standing at a bus stop. It would be good if you were out walking. When you wanted to go, you could just nip behind a tree with the Pipinette. It's good for people like me who find it difficult to squat.

    It's also designed for people who are bedridden, pregnant, and for children. It's also suitable for men and boys.

    Personally, I don't think I would use it when I was out and about. You can't really do it very discreetly. Though it's probably easier if you're wearing a dress, and no knickers. With trousers, of course you have to pull them down.

    The design is very good - it's a good shape. It won a design award for excellence in Sweden. You just get it between your legs and hold it there. There's a handle you can hold, or you can just hold the container itself. You don't drip or anything like that.

    I find there are no problems standing up to wee. There's a lid, so you can cover it until you can empty it. You can also buy a Travel Kit with a special magic pad that makes urine solidify in one minute. It comes with a plastic bag, which you can throw away later.

    To read more about the Pipinette stand-up portable potty, visit the website.

    Dry Nites - Sylvie

    For the smaller built women out there who are using pads to get by, here's a tip. Have you tired Dry Nites Pull-ups for 4 to 8 year olds? You may be surprised to find that they actually fit you as they are quite big really.

    I wear them if I'm out in a place where I'm going to be worrying whether I can make it to the toilet or not. Of course by just knowing I have them on, I very rarely actually need to use them. This means I can wear them on a few occasions before they become too loose from pulling them up and down!

    You can even use a pad inside them too. Then if you use the pad you can throw that away and you are still dry! These nappies give me the security and confidence I need to go anywhere and do anything.

    They also are far less likely to fail as they hold far more than any pads I have tried, and it's easy to pull them up and down, and use as required!

    With this back-up for social occasions, my Pipinette pot for when I am out and about and with the bladder calming medication I take (Detrusitol), I rarely have an accident at all nowadays. Now that is a result when you consider that my bladder urgency and frequency is pretty severe!

    The Amazing Pipinette Pot - Sylvie

    This little pot has helped me out enormously, and it is totally possible to use this little pot discreetly while out and about.

    This amazing little pot has freed up my life no end! People often do not understand that when I say I have to go, I mean I have to go now! It can be so awkward, especially for women (for obvious reasons), but with this pot I am secure.

    I can go as and when I like (this means that the bladder also empties properly). I just grab the pot and whilst standing up holding the car door or my scooter, I just slip it inside my jogging bottoms (no knickers!) and no one is any the wiser what I am doing, even in a crowded street.

    I then extract the pot discretely and pop the lid on - a tight fit so you won't spill before you have a chance to empty it! You can even buy special powder that solidifies the liquid, if there is no possibility of chucking it away at the time!

    The Convenience of the Uribag - Fiona Davies
    I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and I work full time as a senior administrative officer in a local education authority.

    I have used the Uribag many times in the car and you can also carry it in your handbag as it's very small. It's really easy to use in a seated position and there is no spillage. Before I had the Uribag, I had lost my confidence in going out as I always feared I wouldn't make it to a loo in time.

    Going anywhere used to be like a military operation. I had to plan everything and work out where the toilets would be. Now, thanks to the Uribag, I am much more confident going out socially.

    You can use it discreetly while you are sitting in the car. I just put my jacket over my lap and pull down my trousers and underwear. I've used the Uribag parked in a town centre car park with dozens of people milling about but none of them had a clue.

    I have never used it whilst actually driving, only when parked, as you have to raise yourself slightly. You can empty the contents later at your convenience, take it home and rinse it out.

    Hideous Underwear

    My continence adviser suggested I wear very unflattering continence underwear, which at the age of 36, I found most depressing. They were hideous - like an old granny would wear; big ugly things with a place for a continence pad.

    I have a 'Can't Wait' card, but didn't find it any good as by the time you explain to shop staff it's too late. I've been in shops and said I need the loo now!! But you get some assistant who says, 'I'll just go and ask the manager.' They have no idea that when you say now you mean now!

    I've also got a Pipinette, which I sometimes take swimming with me. But it is a bit bulky to carry around, and you have to stand up to use it, which isn't ideal.

    I've put waterproof covers over the car seats in case I do slightly miss with the Uribag. But I never have yet!

    What is the Uribag?

    A Uri-bag for females

    It's a portable, re-usable urinal with a watertight cap. Discreet enough to fit into a handbag or pocket, it comes in both male and female versions. The urinal holds 1.1 litres (almost 2 pints). It's made of soft latex material and can be emptied after use at your convenience. Wash with warm soapy water after emptying, dry and it is ready to be used again.

    Uribags on Prescription

    The male Uribag is available on NHS prescription. Go and see your GP. The prescription is to be made out as 'Uribag' or 'Uribag-F' depending on whether you require the male of female version. There is no further special code required. This item is found on Pg. 216 of the reference book Chemists refer too.

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