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    Waterfall D-Mannose Treatment

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    Waterfall D-Mannose Treatment

    Waterfall D-Mannose is a rare monosaccaride isomer of glucose made from a pure, natural extract of larch wood. It goes virtually straight through you, passing very quickly into the urine with hardly any metabolism, making it a fast and natural way to treat urinary tract infections.

    It flushes away the E-coli bacteria - but without causing thrush like antibiotics can do.

    Fiona Richardson - Such sweet relief!

    Fiona Richardson was laid low by such frequent urinary tract infections that she missed school plays and social events. But now, thanks to a new product called Waterfall D-Mannose, she can go out anywhere and enjoy life to the full without being tied to the toilet.

    "I used to suffer from bladder infections at least once a month. Sometimes I would be so ill I'd spend two days in bed and then another few days to get back to my normal self. Enough to make a saint swear!

    It usually took three days of being in pain and never venturing far from the loo before the antibiotics would work and I needed a 14 day course to clear the infections. They were a real pain in th erear end - literally.

    These constant UTIs were so debilitating, putting restrictions on where I could go and what Icould do. I felt unable to plan anything in advance as nine times out of ten I would be suffering from a bladder infection and have to cancel.

    Because of this, I've missed school plays and other events involving the kids, which upsets and angers me greatly. I've also missed weddings, christenings and funerals and most social events! It was frustrating and just brings home how much this disease affects your life and controls it at times.

    I got so desperate that I started searching the web for other ways to treat bladder infections. One night I came across a website all about bladder infections and a treatment called Waterfall D-Mannose, which I found informative and inspiring. Even though I was a little sceptical I decided I had to try it."

    Relief after the first dose

    "Buying white powder from a website might seem a little risky, gullible or plain stupid, but I can honestly say it's the best decision that I have ever made. After taking Waterfall D-Mannose I found relief after the first dose and spent the afternoon in town instead of tied to the toilet.

    Now, whenever I get a bladder infection, I take 1 level teaspoon in water every three hours for the first day and every four hours for the next three days. After that, half a teaspoon three times daily.

    It has given me so much freedom as it's so quick acting. I can just get on with things, live my life, and go out like everyone else."

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