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    Best Bet Diet

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    Alan Caldwell
    NutritionAlthough the Best Bet Diet is challenging, I feel so much better. It’s like someone lifting the net curtains from my view.

    This is how I used to eat: To start the day, two strong cups of coffee, toast with marmalade and cereal with fruit juice.

    Then, whatever I could lay my hands on: sandwiches, eggs, cheese, pasta, fruit, pulses, red meat, fish, curries, vegetables - anything bar tripe! Most evenings, I would have a beer or a couple of glasses of red wine.

    Two and a half months ago, my partner Chris tracked down Dr John Meldrum, who practices Environmental and Nutritional Medicine.

    He organised a battery of tests for vitamin, mineral and fatty acid levels, and found out my food intolerances - all 50 of them. He then put me in touch with the dietician who works with him to interpret the results and design a new diet for me.

    “Now do you want to hear the bad news?” said the dietician. "Well you can’t drink beer or wine!” This was a blow, and despite my optimistic nature, it looked like a fun night out was going to be millet washed down with straight tequila.

    Worse was to come. No dairy, no gluten, no yeast. And there was: No more red meat. No black peppers, no citrus fruits, no beetroot, no cane sugar, no chocolate, no honey, no mushrooms, no sultanas. And E numbers are out! It seemed to cover practically everything I ate or drank!

    Dr Meldrum and the woman dietician suggested a brand new diet, plus a long list of nutritional supplements based on the results of my tests.

    Around the same time, Chris had found out about the Best Bet Diet Group. It followed what Ashton Embry PhD, the Canadian scientist whose son has MS, says works best for MS. You have to give up a lot of foods. Reassuringly, these are incredibly similar to Dr Meldrum’s list of forbidden foods (although I have excluded many additional foods because of my intolerances). Eggs and legumes were the only things I had to add to the list.

    There was no easy way to start. So one Monday, I just went for it!

    Out went all the forbidden foods and alcohol (except for the odd tequila!).

    In came all kinds of fish (I will grow gills soon!), most vegetables, fruit, chicken, rice and pastas with corn. I eat lots of nuts and fruit for snacks. All my food is organic where possible and everything prepared in olive oil.

    variety of vegetables

    Five weeks later, sticking strictly to the ‘Best Bet Diet’, I can say this: While it is challenging (to say the least) I feel so much better. It is making such a noticeable difference. I also feel better for taking positive action to deal with the terrors of MS.

    The first thing I noticed was my head feeling so much clearer. Within a few days it was like someone had taken net curtains from my view! I awake fresher, more alert (and better tempered according to my three daughters)!

    Then my energy level began to change. No longer was I sleeping for an hour in the afternoon. My outlook changed too. I feel more positive, creative and (again according to my daughters) am more funny.

    There is a down side. Menu planning is trickier, the weekly shop is more expensive and takes more time to check labels. Also, by feeling better I can be lulled into pushing myself too far, leaving my legs tingling, a warning.

    What do I do in the evenings? Well I drink fruit juice. I can cope without the beer and wine - if it keeps MS at bay.

    A meal made with sardines

    The Best Bet Diet Main Points:

    • No gluten
    • No yeast
    • No dairy
    • No eggs
    • No sugar
    • No legumes
    • No saturated fats

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