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    Daphne Watson - Macrobiotics works for me


    At 18 I was stumbling a lot and had pins and needles in my fingers. Later when I was diagnosed and found out more about it and was able to recognise the early signs, I realised this has been going on a long time.

    I had an Iridology reading taken by a friend who stated that the weakness and signs of MS were there in utero. If I had known about Macrobiotics at that time the disease need never have developed, but I did not know about Macrobiotics until much later.

    I had difficulty walking and sometimes was not able to walk at all. If I was tired my speech would become slurred and sound as if I was drunk. Sometimes I had double vision and sleepy eyelids.

    The symptoms were intermittent, some days were better than others but always feeling heavy, tired and slow. The feeling in my extremities was impaired, and I would stumble and drop things. Since walking was impaired, I got a big tricycle; I thought it would help in carrying the shopping but I lived up a steep hill and found I couldn't ride up it. Neighbours kindly helped me push the trike up the hill! It's hard to remember now how difficult it was then, and all the symptoms. I'm so far removed from it now.

    The memory is no longer distressing, it simply surprises me still that it is possible to release oneself from this horrible disorder. I would say it took about four years to recover. In the process there were lots of ups and downs. However the overall progress was of getting better and better.

    With the change in diet I actually felt significantly better in myself after the very first day. I attribute my recovery to the macrobiotic approach to diet, home remedies, special exercises and simple, sensible lifestyle recommendations. When I was well enough, yoga, tai chi and other simple exercises were most helpful.

    Macrobiotic home remedies are both internal and external and include things like ginger compresses and moxibustion externally, and then certain drinks and special dishes that are particularly helpful in cleaning out the system and strengthening it. It strengthens the whole system including the immune and nervous system. It takes great determination to make these changes. With a very small child to look after, my motivation was particularly strong.

    Macrobiotics means 'Great Life', or quite simply finding the way to make the most of one's life. It is the study of universal principles and their application to daily life with the aim of creating peace on earth. Starting with taking responsibility for creating peace, harmony and health inside.

    Recovering one's health is a side effect of creating peace on earth. I have not found a greater and more inspiring goal than this. It gives the broadest, deepest, greatest view, that keeps my view broad, not just centred on me and my recovery. Any form of peace has to start with the individual.

    If we can create peace and harmony within ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually then everything else follows. In the process of discovering that and applying that in my life, multiple sclerosis has been relieved - I have no MS problems anymore. That's my perspective.

    According to the theories behind Macrobiotics, the immune system is damaged from a chronic acidic blood condition. This is caused from regularly eating extreme foods rather than the more centred foods that have sustained people all over the earth.

    The traditional and more centred foods are whole cereal grains, pulses and legumes, fresh, local, seasonal vegetables, and a little fish. These have formed the core of the diet of the most healthy and long lived cultures. Particularly in the last hundred years, since the advent of modern agriculture and food processing, our diet has progressively moved further and further away from these natural foods.

    The modern diet favours the excessive use of more extreme foods such as meat, eggs, poultry, dairy, table salt and many drugs on the yang side. On the more yin side excessive use of sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, tropical fruits and spices, and some drugs.

    This self-created internal stress along with outer stresses can further deplete our self-healing mechanisms. So becoming more centred in our food choices and in our lifestyle and then learning how to balance the more moderate yin and yang within the more centred foods - according to our age, gender, activity level, constitution, condition and seasonal change - can help our blood condition to remain more balanced, no longer damaging our own immune processes. We then begin to regenerate, rather than degenerate.

    In MS, the immune system is not behaving in a normal way. This can be restored to health. To destroy our nervous system, which is the core of our being, is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. In MS we see an extreme and specific form of degeneration caused by an excess of dairy foods, eggs, fatty, greasy foods, refined floury foods, sugar, honey, raw tropical fruits and juices and other foods from the extreme categories. Chicken, chocolate and coffee are more difficult to discharge from the body.

    Michio Kushi (the Japanese guru of Macrobiotics) so inspired me, hearing the clarity of his thoughts was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - it's as if I'd been in a dark cave. I felt that he was telling me something that I knew already but had forgotten. George Oshawa said that macrobiotic understanding is like putting on magic eyeglasses. The more I study and the more I teach and do dietary consultations, the stronger these magic eyeglasses become.

    What Macrobiotics has given me is the ability to see the narrowness, the corner I'd got myself into. Macro means being guided by the largest universal principles and view of nature. Bios means life. Macrobiotics provides a huge perspective and you cannot get larger than a universal view. That's why it's my leading light.

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