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    Healthy Eating

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    Can the food you eat make you feel better - or worse?
    FoodWhen I first read about different diets (Multiple Sclerosis - Self-help Guide to its Management by Judy Graham) I dismissed the mention of different diets as being irrelevant to myself. They sounded awful, and I thought applicable only to people who really had MS - Not me.

    I was quite happy to believe my neurologist who saw my diet of wholegrain rice, pasta, bread and cereals, together with organic meat, fruit and vegetables as pretty healthy, and that I couldn't really improve on that.

    It was only while being treated by my massage/acupuncturist and moaning about how miserable and despondent I felt about everything, that she, in her gentle way, talked of the benefits a friend with MS had received from going on a wheat-free diet.

    While I didn't like the sound of it much, it certainly seemed less drastic than completely gluten-free. I tried it, and discovered the most enthusiastic supporter in my husband. It had reduced my nocturnal spasticity to such an extent that he could actually get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

    Soon afterwards I discovered a homoeopath in Southampton who, as a doctor trained in conventional medicine, was using the complex type of homeopathy which I had experienced from Germany. He also used the Vega Test to identify food intolerances.

    Over several years of varying prohibitions he restored my well-being to such an extent that I now feel 'healthy', even though in a wheelchair. I now have a once yearly check with a local kinesiologist to see which exclusions I can torment my family with now!

    Karin Horne's doctor is Dr Julian Kenyon. He has had success in treating several patients with MS.

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