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    Anne Bye
    TolpaAnne Bye eats peat to help her MS and reports: “It’s wonderful! I walk further and have (a bit) more energy.”

    I just happened to turn the TV on to a programme called ‘Eat Dirt’. It was about a doctor who thinks he may have found part of the answer to an effective treatment for MS and even cancer by presenting people with various antagonists to the immune system and thereby getting the immune system to re-set itself.

    ‘Eat Dirt’ remained in my mind, together with the possibility of getting hold of the doctor who propounded this idea and offering myself as a ‘guinea pig’.

    Then I heard about Tolpa.

    This is a medication made from peat. Do you see the connection here between this and ‘Eat Dirt’? Yes, well I did too.

    Tolpa is said to minimise the symptoms of MS and to even help with regeneration in some cases. The drawback? It takes six months to one year to see any results. Anyway, not to be daunted by such a time scale, I ordered the pills.

    They cost around £15 per month! I’ve been charged more just for putting one foot inside the door of a private health care practitioner!

    I am beginning the third pack of Tolpa, and I have has an amazingly positive week! It’s wonderful! I walk much further and have a bit (notice the ‘bit’ here) more energy. Pain is also minimised. I get up without the usual ‘battle of pain in the legs’. Wonderful.

    What exactly is Tolpa?

    The following is adapted from the Tolpa web-page

    The Therapeutic Power of Peat
    Peat has long been used therapeutically in health baths etc. It was a young Polish scientist, Stanislaw Tolpa, who wanted to prove the health-giving effects of peat. Starting in 1954, Tolpa and other scientists did many years’ research on peat and came up with a variety of preparations.

    Tolpa and MS
    MS is one of several conditions Tolpa is used for. These are the reasons why it is thought to work in MS.

    • Elements of peat stimulate the immune system and the white blood cells (T-lymphocytes.) Tolpa has a balancing effect on these cells, regulating the ratio between suppressor and attack cells.

    • Tolpa has a positive effect on the production of interferon, which is the body’s defence against viruses.

    • Tolpa activates and regulates the production of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), interleukine-1 and interleukine-2 by the mononuclear cells of peripheral blood.

    • It intensifies phagocytic and killing activity of neutrophils.

    • Tolpa can regenerate body tissues.

    • It is non-toxic

    Tolpa tablets
    Tolpa tablets contain organic compounds, mainly oligo and polysaccarides, peptides, amino acids and natural catalysts, humic acids, hymatomelanic acids, fulvlacids and mineral salts.

    You can take one 5mg tablet a day for three weeks. If you feel improvement during this time and you feel worse when you stop them - start again straight away.

    Ref: A.Woyton, A.Grodzeinska, W.Baginska, N. Niwinska-Terlecka.

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