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    Yes!, Yes!!, Yes!!! - says Carol
    ViagraWow, To say Viagra is fantastic is an understatement. It has made 100% difference to our relationship. It’s incredible.

    I joined the Viagra trial at The National Hospital after reading about in New Pathways. I have been married to John for 20 years and have two children, aged 9 and 14. I was diagnosed with MS in 1985.

    Throughout our marriage our sex life has always been wonderful and very fulfilling for both of us. During our lovemaking I could enjoy wonderful orgasms.

    Gradually it became harder to achieve an orgasm and five years ago my ability to reach orgasm stopped. I felt heartbroken. It moved me to tears.

    John was worried that he was not pressing the right buttons or it was something to do with our relationship, but I reassured him that this was not so. During lovemaking I was still getting turned on as before up to the point of climaxing, but then nothing. John was very upset for me.

    John and I continued to make love as often as before but afterwards I always felt disappointed. I mentioned it to my doctor, who said that my MS had probably affected the nerve pathways that control orgasm. By that time, the MS had already affected my ability to walk, my balance and bladder control.

    My desire for John never wavered. I loved him so much, and still do. We’ve been through too much together for this to come between us.

    This is too personal a subject to talk to friends and family about, but one day I did mention it to two close female friends who have MS. They said they were having the same difficulty as well. So I realised I was not alone.

    When I read in New Pathways that they were still looking for volunteers for the Viagra trial, I contacted Mr Dasgupta straight away. He told me the trial was double blind - so neither he nor I would know if I was taking the real thing or a dummy.

    Before the trial began I had some blood tests and a thorough physical examination to make sure I was suitable. I was. I was then given some tablets to see if they had any side-effects. I also had to fill in a questionnaire after every time we made love.

    The first time I took one of those little diamond-shaped blue tablets I waited only 30 minutes before we started to make love. I was very sorry when the result was nothing. Just a headache. They told me this could be a side-effect.

    The next time, I did things properly and waited the prescribed one and a half hours before getting down to things. What a difference! Wow! I experienced an orgasm which I had not done for five whole years! The orgasm was not as intense as in previous years but the waves of pleasure carried on for longer than ever before.

    To say it’s fantastic is an understatement. That scene with Meg Ryan, from the film ‘When Harry met Sally’ springs to mind. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

    I’ve been given enough pills to make love three times a week and it’s bullseye everytime! It’s made 100 per cent difference to our relationship. My husband can’t believe it. John gets turned on to see me so turned on. It’s incredible. He thinks it’s brilliant.

    When I told Mr Dasgupta of the amazing effects I was having, he was pretty sure I must be on the active substance! My only worry now is what I’ll do at the end of the trial. How will I be able to get hold of it? Viagra is the only drug I know of which gives back something which MS has taken away.

    Oh, and yes. I did get a headache too. But who cares?

    This drug is breathtaking!

    An anonymous reader says

    I thought your readers might be interested to hear of my experience with Viagra.

    This drug is breathtaking! Erections can be sustained for long periods. There is also an improvement in self-esteem, which must benefit everyone with MS.

    I understand that men with MS are entitled to this drug free of charge on the NHS. You are able to get 4 pills a month. But if you bite them in half they last twice as long - my GP recommends this.

    People might be afraid to approach their GP. But fears should be allayed. I wish I had tried Viagra earlier. It has given me back a sex life which I thought had gone.

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