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    Progesterone Cream

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    More information about Progesterone can be found at

    Lesley Coombes - Progesterone Cream worked for me
    Progesterone CreamNo need to dread that 'time of the month' any more! I used to suffer from dreadful symptoms just before a period.

    I used to have profound changes in MS symptoms 10-14 days before my period. These symptoms were MS-related:

    Loss of mobility, vision, balance, and hearing, nausea, fatigue, spasms, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing. I also ran a temperature, and had PMS symptoms too. It made work almost impossible. Even getting dressed was problematic.

    Neurologists made me even more frustrated. I got comments like "Find a sympathetic GP", "You're a woman, what do you expect?" and "Just get on with it."

    Much more helpful were other women with MS who had lots of good advice. One recommended natural progesterone cream, as recommended by Dr Lee in his book.

    At first, I treated the whole thing with a large dollop of pessimism. Why? Because I had already tried all manner or synthetic progesterone tablets with no success. Even so, I took the view it could not hurt, so why not give it a try. I also began researching natural progesterone and talking to other people.

    For the first few months, things got worse. Also, it shortened my periods by more than a week. But now I am pleased to report real improvements in my vegetable-like status. I cannot say I breeze through my period, but what I can say is that I don't have MS exacerbations on top of everything else.

    I now firmly believe that hormones play a major part in the cause and exacerbations of this disease.

    I am not a lone voice. There is plenty of research going on about the link between sex hormones and MS.

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