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    Brian White
    Yoga and MSI was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago.

    I practise yoga every single day. There's no doubt it has made me as agile as I am ever likely to be and a lot more agile than I would have been otherwise. When I first went there I had to go by cab because I couldn't drive any more because of my vision. When we got there, the cab driver took my bag upstairs because I couldn't manage it myself. At the end of the week the same cab driver came to pick me up. By then, I was able to walk up and down the stairs. When he saw me he said "What have you been on!"

    I think that had I not done yoga, I would be a lot worse. I can still walk. Yoga has also helped with flexibility. When I first started yoga it took me a long time to be able to sit cross-legged. Now it's easy.

    The breathing has helped a lot. By breathing the wrong way, I used to get my knickers in a twist very easily. But breathing the yogic way is definitely calming. I used to breathe very shallowly from the chest. But now I breathe deeply from the stomach and I am far less stressed.

    The philosophical part has helped me put things in a proper perspective. I used to be an inspector of taxes. But the Inland Revenue has not stopped revolving since I left it. I think "What is the point in life getting on a tube train, sitting there for an hour, and then presenting everything in the most favourable light to your boss?"

    Life isn't about that. Life is about being me. Provided there is enough money to finance not too bad a lifestyle, that's all you need. Yoga has definitely helped me come to this point of view. The materialistic Western ethos makes people think life is about having things. But it isn't. I'm much less materialistic than I used to be. As long as I am reasonably well fed and have a loving wife and a loving dog, what else do I need?

    Every Monday we have one and a half hours at the Centre in Walthamstow with a teacher. The other days of the week I do 20 minutes to half an hour at home. All the exercises are lying down on the carpet.

    First, I relax for a while. Then I lift my legs up in the air. Then I bring my legs to my stomach. Then I bring my head up to my knees, I curl up like a snail three or four times.

    Stewart Edwards

    The position I do which I find a real winner for me is the 'Salute to the Sun'. It's incredible for me. On a good day, it gives me a little boost of energy and you can feel it stretching and strengthening. It's doing the whole of the meridians.

    Karin Horne
    Yoga  taught me the importance of breathing, stretching and moving slowly, within my capabilities. It also puts me on the path of deep relaxation, which is invaluable to me for stilling a very active mind, and enabling me to get to sleep without any drugs at all.

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