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    Turning The Tides

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    Mike TaylorTurning The Tides (TTT) was the name given to a charity set up by Mike Taylor. Its aim was to actively support positive, result driven MS Research, especially in the Phase One Trial stage of research in to MS Repair.

    This level of research is deemed high risk and seen as unsexy by the major profit driven establishments and Turning The Tides wanted to be able to intervene at this early stage and kick start research that looked as though it had promise.

    The more Mike got to know about MSRC and our approach to lifestyle, attitude, off the wall thinking and our totally independent approach, the more he and the Trustees of Turning The Tides realised that MSRC was a natural home for their hopes and aspirations.

    In 2004 The Charity Commissioners approved a request made for Turning The Tides to be closed down as a separate charity, with any remaining funds transferred to MSRC accounts.

    Read more about Mike Taylor. We have covered a number of his activities in past issues of New Pathways Magazine.

    It is also interesting to read this passage, taken from the old Turning The Tides web site, which outlined their approach to the use of Alternative and Complementary Therapies in the care of Mind Body and Soul of those affected by MS. We think you will agree that the attitude was very MSRC!

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