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    Craniosacral Thearpy

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    Effect of craniosacral therapy on lower urinary tract signs and symptoms in multiple sclerosis

    To examine whether craniosacral therapy improves lower urinary tract symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

    A prospective cohort study.

    Out-patient clinic of multiple sclerosis center in a referral medical center.

    Hands on craniosacral therapy (CST). Change in lower urinary tract symptoms, post voiding residual volume and quality of life. Patients from our multiple sclerosis clinic were assessed before and after craniosacral therapy.

    Evaluation included neurological examination, disability status determination, ultrasonographic post voiding residual volume estimation and questionnaires regarding lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life.

    Twenty eight patients met eligibility criteria and were included in this study.

    Comparison of post voiding residual volume, lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life before and after craniosacral therapy revealed a significant improvement (0.001>p>0.0001).

    CST was found to be an effective means for treating lower urinary tract symptoms and improving quality of life in MS patients.

    Raviv G, Shefi S, Nizani D, Achiron A. Urology Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel

    Source: Pubmed PMID: 19341983 (23/04/09)

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