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    Fundraising Events

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    TeamMSRC Logo

    MSRC’s Incredible Fundraisers

    We have many people that would like to support MSRC by organising an event with the goal to either raise vital funds or generate essential MS awareness. In return we provide our fundraisers with lots of encouragement and support. If you would like to organise an event for MSRC whether it’s a book sale, coffee morning or a sponsored abseil e-mail Sam at [email protected].

    We can provide you with the all important TeamMSRC t-shirt, personalised posters, sponsorship forms and a ‘How to Fundraise Guide’. Join TeamMSRC today!

    Paul shows how to handle MS diagnosis

    Paul Swimming in the Clyde

    A former Royal Marines Commando diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is preparing to swim the Clyde to show life can very much go on despite the unwelcome news.

    Paul Kerr, of Dunoon, left the Royal Marines eight years ago to work as an outdoor instructor, as close to peak physical fitness as it’s possible to be. Within a year, though, he started getting tingling in his arms and his whole body became numb. It was when his eyesight became too poor to drive he finally accepted he needed to have some tests and the diagnosis of MS was made. He was just 26.

    Paul, a partner in Photonic Security Systems, said: “By this time the right side of my body was paralysed. I suppose I was a typical man, not wanting to face what I didn’t like the thought of. The fact I had always been so fit made it even more difficult to accept. To say the diagnosis was a shock is an understatement.

    “When I was younger I had a girlfriend whose father had MS. He was my first experience of someone living with MS and my first contact with him, a very ill man, stayed with me. When I was given my diagnosis, he was my immediate image of how life was now going to be. I immediately saw wheelchairs, home helps and problems galore,” said Paul.

    However, the physical and mental strength he had gained in the Royal Marines was about to stand him in very good stead.

    “I determined I was not going to sit down and do nothing. I had treatment in a hyperbaric chamber – I had to be carried in to start with – I detoxed and basically tried everything. I just kept pushing myself. Times have changes. Medicine has progressed, our knowledge of diet is better and we have a greater understanding of how constructive or destructive the mind can be.

    “More than raise money from my Clyde swim, I want to make people aware that being diagnosed with MS is not the end of the world – far from it. If you stay positive and take advantage of the great support that is available, life remains very much for living.”

    The great support Paul refers to is from the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC) charity, for which he is raising funds from his swim. It offers a wealth of practical support and advice to people with MS.

    Paul is planning his two-mile swim for June 23, starting from Cloch lighthouse and finishing at the breakwater off Dunoon pier, with support from the Clyde Kayak Club who will be using their kayaks to direct his route.

    “Swimming in a salt-water river with currents and the cold temperature is a lot different to swimming lengths in a pool,” said Paul. “I’ve always fancied swimming across the Clyde so now’s the time.”

    Two years ago, Paul did The Three Peaks mountain challenge in 22 hours and 30 minutes. He hopes the swim will take a little less! Anyone wishing to support Paul can do so at

    L’etape du Tour

    Tom Pope, long-term supporter of MSRC has just finished his toughest challenge yet, the L’etape du Tour – here is his account of the ultimate challenge!

    Team pope

    The trip started with a bit of a nightmare......we booked a hotel that was 20k from the start line on Google but turned out to be on the other side of the valley and a 2.5 hour drive from the start. Subsequently, we had to scramble to find a room in an area that was fully booked a year ago! We got very lucky, however, as we were able to get into a place on someone's cancellation which made the 7AM start on Monday a little easier. In addition to this (and keeping with the theme of making an already difficult task a lot more challenging) we had to leave a car at the bottom of Alpe d'Huez and drive the route over Col du Telegrpahe and Col du Galibier on the Sunday night through a storm at 2k above sea level with 1 metre visibility. Looking back on it, surviving the ascent in pitch black on those roads was probably half as much of an accomplishment as getting to the top of the thing on a bike!

    This journey proved to be a 5 hour round trip and resulted in us arriving in our hotel at 1AM on Sunday, leaving us with 4 hours sleep before we started. Hardly ideal preparation!


    To give you an indication of the day is fairly tough so it's probably best to check out an official video at where you can see us ascending the peaks if you search by surname (Pope, Davies, Ben). In contrast to the marathon, I can safely say that this is the hardest thing I have ever taken on.

    After climbing Telegraph and Galibier, you are left with a 35 mile (ish) descent which carries you right through to the bottom of the mammoth Alpe d'Huez. By the time you get here, you have little left to give and this Alpe takes you to a dark place in climbing the thing for over 2 hours. Getting to the top in the heat is the best feeling of accomplishment yet.

    We were so beat by the time we got to the top that we really didn’t even think about photographs so, unfortunately, the best I can do is attach some official ones I purchased on the day.

    Tom Pope

    I really hope the funds raised by our efforts goes a long way to helping you guys and the fantastic job you all do at MSRC!


    Our warmest congratulations to Tom and Bevan for completing an incredibly tough challenge and our thanks for their fundraising efforts of over £4,000 for MSRC – we look forward to hearing about their next challenge!

    Bounce For MS

    Deia Sakal and Emily Nott

    Deia Sakal and Emily Nott recently organised a fundraising event at their school, Gosfield School near Halstead. They decided to hold a 12-hour sponsored bounce-athon to help raise vital funds and awareness for MSRC.

    Deia felt really passionate about the cause and the event: “My uncle died from multiple sclerosis and my step-mum is a trustee of MSRC so I suggested we choose the charity as the beneficiary of this year’s sponsored event. The idea was to have at least one person continually bouncing on a trampoline from 9am to 9pm. It was great fun but quite tiring towards the end.”


    32 pupils aged between 13 and 16 took part in a 12-hour sponsored trampoline bounce raising a minimum of £480, with funds still coming in Deia is hopeful that they will reach £700.

    The Bounce For MS Team

    MSRC Chief Executive, Helen Yates, noted: “We are totally reliant on fundraising to continue our valuable work and it is events such as this which help us help so many people. It’s a great effort by the youngsters.”

    Six Mile Walk by Kerrie Childs

    Six Mile Walk Participants

    My dad was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago.  I see his bad days and it really upsets me.  I feel helpless; he has lost the feeling in the left hand side of his body.

    As I walk around town I never see any charities collecting for multiple sclerosis and it really annoys me so I planned to do something myself.  I decided that I was going to do a 6 mile walk to raise MS awareness. 

    I got in touch with MSRC who gave me advice and sponsorship forms.  I put the details on my Facebook account and asked if anyone would be interested in sponsoring me. 

    When I checked back, a few of my friends actually wanted to do the walk with me as they all know somebody with MS or have been affected by MS.  Gradually it went from me walking on my own to 16 of us doing it together; the eldest was 57 and the youngest was my 9 month old son.

    We all had great fun doing the walk and between us we raised over £1300.  We have now decided to make the walk an annual event by adding on a mile or two each year.   I really feel like I have helped – it may not help my dad now but it will hopefully help others.

    Thank you xx

    If you would like to support Kerrie’s efforts please visit:

    If you’re near the Stevenage area and would like to take part in Kerrie’s walk next year contact Sam on [email protected] for more information

    33 Milestones for Multiple Sclerosis by Christian Thode
    Initially, it was a crazy and distant idea, but it became a serious challenge: To walk the entire length of the Grantham Canal – 33 miles in total – in one day! We wanted to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and collect money for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre because we have friends, family members and colleagues who are affected by this condition. Some of them are no longer able to walk so we wanted to walk for them!

    Milestones For MS Start Of Walk

    7.40am Start of the Walk – Grantham
    From Left to Right: Jai, Lubna, Christian, Lucia and Nicoletta

    Our charity walk took place on 8th of August 2009, which turned out to be a bright and sunny day. We – Jay, Lubna, Christian, Lucia and Nicoletta – set off at 8 am in Grantham and followed the canal that would lead us through the beautiful Vale of Belvoir. It was really nice and we stopped several times to admire the scenery, butterflies, flowers, rabbits and swans, or just to enjoy the gentle breeze and the sound of the leaves moving in it.

    Milestones For MS Still Full Of Energy

    10am – Still full of energy

    However, 33 miles is a long distance, and by the end we were all aching somewhere. The first 20 miles were fine, but between the 20th and 27th milestone we were joined by fatigue and for the last 7 miles also cramps, blisters and aching knees became our permanent companions. It was just willpower that carried us to the end.

    But we made it! We completed our walk, which had started in the sunshine, more than 14 hours later in the moonlight in Nottingham. Besides the boundaries of three counties, we had crossed our own physical and mental limits – a very tiring but rewarding experience. The green TeamMSRC t-shirts helped us to get attention from the public and to talk to them about MS. This also made us realise how widespread the disease is, since many knew someone with MS.

    People were impressed by our achievement as much as we were/are impressed by the donations that we had collected until then and that are still coming in!

    Milestones For MS Finished At Nottingham

    Finished - Nottingham

    We are very grateful for all the support, encouragement and interest that we have received from friends, colleagues and those people we met on that day. Only with this help, have we been able to reach our targets: to raise money and awareness for MS.

    Special thanks go to the MSRC team for offering their experience and support from day one!

    Best wishes,

    Jay, Lubna, Christian, Lucia and Nicoletta

    The 33 Milestones team have raised over £1,100.

    If you would like to support their efforts please visit

    © Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC)

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