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    You are here : Home » MS Research News » Lightning Process® And Multiple Sclerosis

    Lightning Process® And Multiple Sclerosis

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    Proof of concept study using the Lightning Process® shows positive results for MS patients

    The Phil Parker Lightning ProcessMS Proof of Concept Study – Interim Update

    This Proof of Concept (POC) study was designed to consider the validity of the Lightning Process as an approach to provide benefit, or not, to those with MS.

    A POC is a Phase 1b, or Phase 2 trial, regardless of sponsorship, that could generate, confirm, provide an adequate benefit-risk, or establish a response relationship that could be used as the basis for a decision to move forward with an approach. The outcome measures from the POC can also be used to add weight to future grant and funding applications for larger-scale Randomised Controlled Trials.

    Participants for this study were recruited through the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC).

    The interim data shows that the LP provided benefit to all participants and there have been no incidents of negative effects. The data suggests that it would be worth pursuing a full randomised controlled trial.

    Full report - MS Proof of Concept Study – Interim Update

    Source: The Phil Parker Lightning Process® © Phil Parker Lightning Process 2010 (30/09/11)

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