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    Best Bet Diet Group

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    BBD Quick Menu

    Welcome to the pages of the MS-Diet Support Group, also known as the Best Bet Diet Group, in recognition of the science-based nutritional strategy we have chosen to adopt.

    We must acknowledge the huge debt of gratitude we owe to MSRC for their unwavering and continued support, over what amounts to almost an entire decade. Indeed, so staunch has this support been that we sometimes take it for granted. In truth, the "window" it affords us to the wider MS community is crucial if we are to finally attain our primary objective, i.e. to change the lives of those with MS for the better. In that regard, the old adage of "punching above our weight" can hardly be more relevant.

    What we DON'T have! What you'll NOT find here!  

    We start by taking the somewhat unusual step of explaining what we DON'T have and what you will NOT find in these pages.

    We DON'T have evidence that the Best Bet Diet has improved symptoms, or successfully halted disease progression, in a single individual with MS, and you will NOT find any anecdotal testimonials from others who've already started the diet.

    Please understand, when we say we are a science-based site, with a logical and analytical dictum, we mean exactly that; a dearly-prized principle that we are not prepared to compromise. After all, we cannot on one hand criticise other MS-related diets for their lack of a credible and consistent scientific argument, and an almost total reliance on unsupported testimonial claims, and then fall back on elements of that same approach ourselves. Further, given that the BBD's disease model is constantly under review, forever keeping pace with the latest reliable and pertinent research findings, irrespective of whether these new findings are supportive of the existing model or not, any such anecdotal statements could be potentially misleading and quickly outdated, in any event.

    If asked to cite a practical example, we would point to the recent emergence of CCSVI as a possible variant in the MS disease equation. It is easy to forget that the same inflammatory, autoimmune model represented the bottom line for both Ashton Embry's safety-first nutritional strategy and the mainstream, pharma-led, drug-based research effort. In other words, the emergence of CCSVI with its potential cardiovascular concerns, had profound ramifications for both camps. However, as events transpired, there were major differences in the way the situation was handled which, it has to be said, speaks volumes in regard to their intended main beneficiaries. The MS medical establishment immediately went into complete denial, threw their hands up in horror, refused to even discuss it, publicly wheeled out the big guns and attempted to ridicule the research and those behind it, effectively putting a stranglehold on any subsequent trials. In stark contrast, despite being a long-term and quite vocal supporter of the existing autoimmune disease model, Ashton Embry painstakingly studied the findings before accepting them as a likely joint causal factor and integrated them into the Best Bet Diet's new "Two to Tango" MS Disease model.

    What we DO have! What you WILL find!
    You will find an objective and visual computer model(TASTE) that "paints a picture" of the BBD and that now includes a unique Risk Assessment Strategy, designed to put the individual in control, armed both with the means and potential to orchestrate their own recovery. We also introduce a new, customer-focussed, practical approach(BBD Points System) that not only simplifies the diet, but also maximizes the opportunities for success while, at the same time, overcoming known problems like unwanted weight loss, dietary fatique and unremitting hunger pangs. 

    You will also find a BBD A-Z which is a constantly updated virtual encyclopedia of the Best Bet Diet, the ultimate reference point for anyone using this science-based nutritional plan. In addition, a brand new resource called BBD ProductWatch continually monitors the worldwide availability of food products, free from dairy, gluten and legumes, some of which may be suitable for those on the diet. This database will, on a country by country basis, not only list named products, potential suppliers and specific ingredients, but will also provide a BBD-specific, Risk Assessment Indicator/TASTE Track Profile, for the products in question. In instances where specific ingredients and/or nutritional values may be of particular concern, eg. food additives, E numbers, preservatives/stabilisers, a link or links will be provided to the relevant BBD A-Z where detailed advice/information will be found.

    You will also find details of efforts to obtain actual objective evidence(QUEST), as opposed to unsupported anecdotal claims, not just that the BBD can successfully halt disease progression but can also have a positive influence on individual symptoms of MS. In other words, what works best, for which particular groups of individuals and over what period of time. Further, you will also find an online newsletter, called BBD Daily News, which will be used to keep those on the diet up to date not only with the latest research, and with the ongoing analysis of results, but also with new recipe ideas, product information and additions to the BBD Points database of balanced meal plans. The newsletter can also be used by the individuals themselves to ask questions(BBD Q&A) and share their own dietary suggestions with other like-minded souls.

    Please Note! Every effort has been made to present this information in a style that is both user-friendly and inclusive but this science-based approach can, at times, become quite technical. If that is the case, and we subsequently fail to explain the issues to your satisfaction or, indeed, if you have questions on nutritional strategies in general, or Ashton Embry's Best Bet Diet in particular, we can be reached via [email protected],

    Now, to assist with navigation through the main pages, we begin with a somewhat broad division.
      • THE BACKGROUND - Nutritional strategies in the fight against MS! 
      • THE SCIENCE - A detailed examination of the science behind the Best Bet Diet!
      • THE EVIDENCE - Our efforts to prove what works, how soon, and for whom! 
      • THE FOODS - What you can and cannot eat! The Recipes! The Products!  
      • THE NEWS - Keep up with all the latest developments! Participate in discussions!  
      • BBD QUICK MENU - Get there FAST!

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