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    MS Blogs

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    Here you can find people's personal MS Blogs.

    If you would like to add one to our pages please contact the MSRC Webmaster [email protected]

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    As a professional musician, Lisa Emrich plays french horn and piano while teaching the next generation of thoughtful artists.  As an empowered patient, Lisa lives bravely with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis and blogs eloquently at the intersection of life and chronic illness.  Brass and Ivory is a premiere MS blog which features discussion of disease, health, disability, research, inspiration, hope and making a difference. 

    Lisa Emrich and Brass and Ivory have been featured in the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine, Arthritis Today, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, pharmaphorum and ePatient Connections.  In addition, Lisa is recognized as one of the Top Ten Rheumatoid Arthritis Influencers online by  Patients, caregivers, loved ones, and medical professionals alike will find important stories of hope and resilience, research and science, at Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA.


    A central hub and meeting place for the vibrant MS blogging community.  Launched in 2008, the Carnival of MS Bloggers is a bi-weekly compendium of thoughts and experiences shared by persons living with multiple sclerosis and those who love them. 

    Carnival founder, Lisa Emrich, maintains this virtual smorgasbord of MS stories and provides a home for MS blogs worldwide.  Got a blog?  Join the Carnival!!

    Fennell Books Blog

    My name is Helen, I’m an  MSer and engineer, living in Hampshire in the UK, and I have a serious book addiction. I love all books, but have a particular weakness for literary, fantasy and crime fiction. It's rare that I go into a bookshop and come out empty handed. I have accumulated so many books now, that I have to operate a strict one in, one out policy.

    I can be quite grumpy when I don't get time to read and so if you see me with a book in my hand, best leave me to it. I know I am not alone and as I think there are plenty of worse addictions out there, I don't intend to go cold turkey (much to the relief of booksellers everywhere). Instead, I thought I would share my reading experiences on this blog and hope that you will share your thoughts on reading and books with me.

    Helen's Blog - Fennell Books

    Fiona's MS Blog

    Fiona's MS Blog, Behind the Mask

    Having only being diagnosed since November 2009 I am still trying to come to terms with my condition. I am fortunate not to be too diasabled and still able to work.

    Trying to remain positive, I am trying alternative treatments to see what can help.

    As I want to share this, I started a blog hopefully to share my thoughts and experiences. Also, I would like to get feedback on what other MS sufferers find helpful. (Fiona's MS Blog)

    Funky Mango

    Funky Mango’s Musings is about MS, disability and health, along with some politics and a little bit of death & dying!

    MS Toot Blog Picture

    I had been thinking about starting to blog for a few years before my MS diagnosis, partly because I thought I wanted to write a book or at least a one-woman show about my life as an actor. Then, at 45 years old, after dx in 2009 with Relapsing Remitting MS, I wrote more than I had before. I jotted things down in a notebook mostly as a way of dealing with the emotional rollercoaster diagnosis with a lifelong, incurable, neurological condition can put you on. I noticed that sometimes it's easier to write when you're feeling troubled than when life is smooth. Not necessarily easy to read but then MS is not an easy road to travel. 

    I want to write the truth about my experience of MS recognising that everyone's MS is individual to them but there are many shared elements. Initially, I wanted to be anonymous because of working in a judgemental profession. So I chose my blogger name as a combination of my nickname and the blogger identity I wanted to reflect - MS truth. An MS Specialist Nurse told me I am still myself. Still Toots. I'm not sure that is entirely true. I have MS. This is how it is.

    Maybe MS Truth -

    Me, myself and I and my life with MS


    Elia shares her story of her MS diagnosis and much more.

    You can read Elia's blog on the MSRC website here.

    My New Normals Logo

    My name is Nicole Lemelle. I am a writer, an activist, and a person living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I created My New Normals to educate those who do not understand MS, reassure people with similar plights and inspire everyone to seize command of their lives.

    I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Louisiana State University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and a Cardiac Device Technology Certificate from the Arrhythmia Technologies Institute.

    My education has allowed me to work as a chemist in Baton Rouge, LA, an ICU staff nurse in Las Vegas, NV, a cardiology charge nurse in New Orleans, LA, and a cardiac device specialist in Washington, DC.

    As an MS advocate, I donate my time and support to the National MS Society. I am also a member of the Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA) and a Louisiana MS Society Government Relations Committee (GRC) Volunteer.

    You can read Nicole's latest Blog posts here.

    My New Normals - Living With Multiple Sclerosis Facebook Page


    MS Recipes Salad

    This blog is a combined effort of Elna Botes van Schalkwyk, Esther Vasa, a few Multiple Sclerosis fighters, their family members and/or friends. It focuses on dietary and lifestyle tips and recipes to fight MS.

    They also have a Facebook group "Multiple Sclerosis and Diet" and the link to which is:


    Stumblinginflats Logo

    I’m a woman with a whole lot to say about living with Multiple Sclerosis. Frank, often un-pc but always honest, I write about whatever is on my mind, no matter how trivial.

    I am in my 30′s and live in the UK with my son, The Teenager.

    I was diagnosed with MS this year.


    Tantrums And Tingles Logo

    I started my blog when I was pregnant, after failing to find a good practical resource for women with MS encountering the trials and worries of taking the leap into motherhood. After knowing what a scary thing it can be (like MS isn't scary enough on its own!) I wanted to try and help others in a similar situation. After all, just hearing someone else's experiences can sometimes do the world of good. And so, Tantrums & Tingles was born....along with my daughter!!

    It's a practical blog full of light-hearted tales of the good, bad and positively hairy experiences of being a Mum with MS....with the odd cake recipe thrown in for good measure!

    Chloe was 18 when she was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2001. She currently lives in Bristol with her husband Si, daughter Lib, and a comical miniature schnauzer called Obi.


    Funky Mangp

    The Spoonie Recipe Blog has recipes for people who are low on energy because of long-term illness. Contributions always welcome!

    Two Rooms Pl;us Utilities Logo

    About 30 years ago when I was a young mother I became aware of spells of feeling exhausted, at times confused, bad spells of dizziness and pain all over the place. It would go away and then come back making life impossible at times and no one could tell me what was wrong. Each time it reappeared it was worse than before and I was always left with either a new symptom to live with or one that I already had was worse.

    Every Doctor I saw in the first 17 years dismissed me and told me there was nothing wrong because by the time I got an appointment with a specialist, I was better.  I was made to feel as though I was wasting their time and that it was all in my head, eventually I started to believe them. In 2000 there was a sudden change. It started just as all other spells of illness had, but it was going on and on, I decided to demand an answer, it took a year, a year were it never went away and year of continual testing.

    2001 was marked by the news that I have Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. My blog tells the truth of every symptom I have, I don’t hold back from vivid descriptions and detail of their effects, not just on me, but those around me. I have learned and adjusted, and although I have been housebound now for over 5yrs I am still happy and enjoying my life, not that it has been like that all the time. I can honestly say now, that for me, housebound is no worse than earthbound, I have a life and I am living it.

    Blog : Two Rooms plus Utilities
    Facebook: Living in a limited world
    Twitter: @Ltd_to_two

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