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    Specialist MS Centres & Specialist Neurology Teams

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    The MS Trust has produced an interactive map of Britain detailing all the Specialist MS Centres & Specialist Neurology Teams in the UK. You can click on the UK region in which you live and find a listing of the MS specialists and centres in your area.

    From the MS Trust's webpage.............

    The first recommendation of the NICE MS Management Guidelines states that everyone with MS should have access to specialist neurological services when they need them. However, for many this can be a hit and miss experience. In the hope of improving this situation, to provide guidance for individuals and to help primary care staff ensure appropriate referrals, the MS Trust, in conjunction with the MS Society, has drawn up a list of all the specialist centres in the UK and the neurologists within those centres.

    The centres listed have true expertise in the management of multiple sclerosis, commonly a specialist nurse service, and the ability to offer disease modifying drug therapy where and when appropriate.

    If you have any questions on the listings or access to services contact the MS Trust Information Service.

    Choosing a hospital – where should I go for MS treatment?

    People seeking non emergency treatment from the NHS in England have the right to travel to any hospital in the country. This applies to both NHS hospitals and private hospital that provide care at the same cost as the NHS.

    This policy places more emphasis on potential users of services having more information about what is available. Research by the King's Fund warns of the potential for worsening health inequalities based on the ability to find the information to allow someone to make an informed choice.

    However, with the right information, the new system means that people with MS have the potential to take a more active role in finding appropriate services and the MS Trust's map of specialist MS centres is a resource that could help people make their choice. The centres listed have expertise in the management of multiple sclerosis and most have a specialist nurse service and the ability to offer disease modifying drug therapy where and when appropriate. For each centre the lead MS neurologists are named.

    Map of MS specialist services -

    Source: The MS Trust

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