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    MS Organisations - UK

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    Action MS Logo

    Action MS is a ‘home grown’ charity that has been working in Northern Ireland since 1976. It all began when a small group of Belfast folk with MS, led by Ann Walker, decided to fight back and do something about beating this most distressing disease. In those early days it was all about fund-raising for medical research work to help find a cure. But as people got together and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for research they also talked through their personal experiences of living with MS. In conversation and in listening to one another a determination developed to do something more for families facing a very bleak future. Seeds of compassion were sown and various kinds of practical help to meet individual needs began to take shape.

    Now Action MS, as well as maintaining a highly successful fund-raising programme, provides a comprehensive range of caring ‘actions’ or support that has evolved over the years out of conversations with people and families living with MS. The provision of the right kind of care at the right time in the right place is their constant goal.

    All About Multiple Sclerosis has grown into an enormous site and present and future projects will make it even larger. It has become more than a full-time job for one person. The costs of running it - web hosting, domain name costs, online time, other ISP charges and other costs grow continually. So far, I have funded the site entirely out of my own pocket, both in terms of these charges and my time. Because my own personal funds are becoming exhausted, I can no longer work full-time on the site without external funding.

    As a result we are forming a charitable organisation called the Multiple Sclerosis Information Trust the purpose of which is to raise funds to keep this project going. Read the Aims of the Multiple Sclerosis Information Trust here.

    The All About Multiple Sclerosis site is a great source of MS Information including Famous People with MS. And, MS Terminology.

    Bristol Multiple Sclerosis Parents And Toddlers Group

    BMSPAT Logo

    This group was created to give Mums and Dads who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis (who have children of toddler age) a place where they can meet other Mums and Dads with M.S.

    The group meets at the Vassalls Center in Fishponds (Gill Avenue).

    Eskimos MS Group

    Eskimos Logo

    " Come rub noses!!"

    Eskimos is a new informal group based in Bristol / Bath area, offering simply friendship andd support to each other - help for survival in the arctic world of MS!. There are several Eskimos so far, with friendships building, both independently and as a group.

    Would you like to get in touch, just to make friends with someone who understands how life can be for you?

    Drop us a line to [email protected]

    Our meetings offer us the opportunity to meet others in the same position as ourselves.

    We share coffee and a chat and a session of yoga, which most of us find remarkably beneficial.

    A therapist provides reflexology, head and shoulder massage and reiki once a month.

    We now have a fitness trainer who has experience of working with people with MS and other critical illnesses. She understands our varying needs and limitations and is able to help us at one session a month.

    Email: [email protected]


    JEMS - a new support group for Jewish people with MS

    Star Of david

    JEMS is a new support group for Jewish people with MS.

    They meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 8p.m. at Jack Block House, Rectory Lane, Edgware HA8 7LT.

    It is really informal and friendly - just a good place to chat and share
    ideas and discuss any issues you may have.

    To date they have had a few guest speakers - e.g. a physiotherapist, an expert on fatigue.

    Joolysjoint Logo

    Please visit Jooly's Joint and join her wonderful Carepal list to get in touch with other families which have people affected by MS.

    Ladies With Lesions

    Ladies With Lesions Logo

    LWL is a UK based MS organisation and is the brainchild of an inquisitive MSer who realised the needs of specific communities of MSers where care, support and positivity are the key (and only) messages.

    There is an abundance of information out there online with regards to MS.

    When I was initially diagnosed I found the major MS websites invaluable as a source of advice and further reading.

    After a time as an active contributor on various MS related social networks I personally felt the need for a more specific community to interact with, free from external spammers, people selling stuff, ranters and basically any negativity. I decided to set up my own MS based Facebook Group to enable likeminded individuals to chat, share, support and most importantly laugh with each other. I thought maybe there were 2 or 3 other individuals out there, 4 or 5 even that I could connect with and who also felt the need to be part of a similar group.

    In actual fact I have been blown away by the response and LWL, still its infancy, has attracted over 500 members and counting! The group has grown organically through its members and we are now excited to launch our very own website ( as well as a national meeting structure the first of which took place in Birmingham earlier this year and went FANTASTICALLY!!! Our page is moderated by a team of wonderful admin, who are on hand to welcome new members, be there for the existing members, and to ensure the page stays a friendly, inviting and fun place.

    We also started up Living With Lesions for the other halfs, friends and family members of MSers, as we recognize that they too sometimes need support. Li’l LWLers is for the kids of MSers, and they have competitions and their own meets organized! Lastly there’s MiSters & Ladies with Lesions Togevver, for the men and women with MS .

    We have a little saying in LWL – Chin Up Tits Out….and we all live by this mantra. Be prepared to be bowled over by the positivity, strength of character and support that emanates from this group!

    Be well!

    Tanya Downs (Founder of LWL)

    Website :

    LDN Aware Logo

    This website is the worldwide gateway to Low Dose Naltrexone information, resources and events. LDN Aware is a volunteer group devoted entirely to spreading knowledge and raising public awareness about LDN as a treatment for auto-immune disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS.


    MS Therapy Centres Logo

    MSRC are proud to have close links with all therapy centres in the UK and the MS National Therapy Centres (MSNTC) is the largest grouping.

    If you haven't visited your local centre yet - now is the time.

    Full details of each MS Therapy Centre can be found on our MS Therapy Centres (UK and Ireland) page.

    Website: MS National Therapy Centres (MSNTC)

    MS Net

    MS Net Logo

    "Gather and share Multiple Sclerosis information".

    A very good MS resource site with links to which points to topical MS internet news stories, and which links to news stories about chronic pain.

    The site also links to MS WebCasts and has some great inspirational stories.

    MS Research and Relief Fund Logo

    The Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief Fund is a UK registered charity (No.228634) established in 1964 to support people affected by multiple sclerosis (or MS), a disease of the central nervous system, which can affect a persons mobility, their independence and their confidence, and can also the change the lives of their partners, families and friends.

    Based in Morpeth, Northumberland, MS Research and Relief Fund aims to provide good quality information and a range of services to help people whose lives have been affected by MS to understand and cope with the condition.

    MS Society Plymouth & Liskeard, Young Persons Group

    MSS Logo

    I would like to inform you of a Young Persons group I have created, for those in the 18 - 40 age bracket, living within the Plymouth & Liskeard district.

    We meet on the first wednesday of each month, at 7pm in The Waterfront, Plymouth, Devon.

    It's a chance to meet other young people whose lives have been touched by Multiple Sclerosis, in a friendly and relaxed environment. It's purely a social event! You don't even have to talk about MS if you don't want to!

    Kind regards

    Jessica Hole
    [email protected]

    New MS Trust Logo

    The MS Trust is a one of the UK charities for people with multiple sclerosis, their families and friends and for all health professionals who work with them. The MS Trust funds information provision, education programmes for health professionals and research focussed on helping people to live with multiple sclerosis.

    It is a National charity that grew out of the movement that was ARMS (Action and Research for MS), as did the MSRC.

    MS Thearpy Centres (Scotland) Logo

    Mid Argyll, formerly known as Mid Argyll Friends of ARMS (Action and Research on Multiple Sclerosis) was established in 1992 through the efforts of a group of people with MS, and their carers. They raised funds locally by staging community events and were able to build a therapy centre in 1996, providing a vital link in care in the community between the voluntary sector and the consumers at whom this care is directed.

    A major driving force behind this initiative is the fact that Mid Argyll has an extremely high incidence of people with Multiple Sclerosis, on average in the UK, one in 700 people has MS, yet in Mid Argyll this rate is one in 300.

    We aim to promote a proactive approach to living with MS, focusing on what our members with MS are able to do. Activities include yoga, Dance, Movement Therapy and a range of exercise machines. We also offer supportive listening, up to date and relevant information and a range of therapies including physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and massage in a fully accessible, comfortable and friendly environment.

    We are open to all and provide much needed community resources such as a weekly coffee morning, quilt making group and games afternoon for the elderly in our community.


    Facebook page:

    What's On

    The Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm for HBO Therapy, advice and support.

    Telephone:- 01546 606303 Email:- [email protected]

    Massage – 1-9pm
    Dance Therapy 1-2 pm

    Coffee Morning 10-12pm
    Physiotherapy 10-1pm
    Quilters 1.30-3.30

    Osteopathy 10-5pm

    Yoga 12-1:30
    Friday games 2-4pm

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Sessions available Mon-Fri 9-3
    Plus Mon evening 7pm

    MS In Moray picture

    Information and sources of support for people with MS (and carers, family and friends) living in Moray, North East Scotland.

    'By people with MS for people with MS'

    Email: [email protected]


    Rishon MS Aid Support Group

    Rishon Logo

    This Support group, previously an affiliated group of the MS Society, is the only charity in the UK that's specifically dedicated to Jewish persons with Multiple Sclerosis.

    We offer
    A monthly meeting, usually on a Sunday in the Edgware United Synagogue. We assist with transportation as much as is possible or practical.

    At these meetings we aim to provide entertainment with a Jewish flavour, provide refreshments which adhere to the Jewish dietary (Kosher) requirements.

    Twice yearly, at Passover and Chanukah, we make special arrangements to celebrate these festivals, which sometimes extends to visiting a Kosher Restaurant.

    We will also listen sympathetically to any requirements relating to members' MS which can not be solved, either financially or otherwise, through the national or local authorities.

    We try to ensure that our members obtain at least one annual respite break to help them and their carers. Much of this is now provided by local authorities but there are some cases which do not wholly cover the needs of our members.

    We try to make an annual financial contribution, on behalf of the UK Jewish Community, to the research funds of the MS Society.

    We are entirely run by volunteers and are always open to new members. If you would like more information please get in touch.

    Contact us by phoning our Chairman, Frances Anthony on 020 8455 9579, or our Life President, Harry Bibring on 020 8950 9212 or e-mail [email protected]

    Charity Registration Number 252359

    Stockton MS group Logo

    Stockton MS Group have been in existence since 1993, a registered independent charity which provides a local focus for people affected by MS.

    We offer practical help and social interactions (drop in, social events) that would not otherwise exist.

    Please see our new website at

    MSS Logo

    The largest national MS charity in the UK.

    Visit their site to find out more.

    The New Hartlepool MS Support Group

    New Hartlepool MS Suport Group Logo

    We have two venues where we meet, We hold a monthly meeting at the Stranton Centre, Westmoreland Street, Hartlepool and a weekly drop-in at the Owton Rossmere Resource Centre, Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

    Anyone interested can contact us on 07835264538 alternatively through e-mail at [email protected]

    You can find us on facebook at The New Hartlepool MS Support Group

    The group is primarily for people in Hartlepool and the surrounding areas affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

    The monthly meeting is held on the first Monday of every month (excluding bank holidays) the meetings alternate between a social evening and an evening with a guest speaker usually relating to health issues specific to MS.

    We provide a monthly newsletter and the group meets once a month for a social evening and a meal.

    The drop-in is held every Monday (excluding bank holidays) from 11am until 3pm where people can access complementary therapies and counselling sessions.

    Young Persons MS Group in Kent

    Dear MSRC

    I have been a member of the MSRC for quite a long time and always been an advocate of your magazine and the liberated way you look at all new treatments, drugs, complementary therapies etc.

    Since March I joined the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society just as a volunteer. I am now the welfare support officer, the membership secretary and the branch secretary of the South East Kent Branch.

    In my MS Support Officer role I am available to help and visit anyone with MS regardless if they are members of the MSS or not. I am fully CRB checked. I have started an MS "surgery" at a local Government one stop shop in Ashford once a week on a Weds from 12 - 2pm and on the last Sat of the month from 9am-12pm.and I am on the committee of a young persons group we are trying to establish in a joint effort between the MS Society, the MS Nurses, OT and other young people like myself, affected by MS. There are many more objectives in the pipeline for all those with MS including a working partnership with a local gym, OT and the MS Nurse for an MS and neurological clinic, for rehab, to work alongside the SIPS programme.

    We are making many changes and improvements. With the MS Nurse posts under threat here our local presence for the MS community may become even more vital.

    I want your members to be able to benefit from the improvements we are making for the MS communities within S E Kent. Could you publicise some of my breakthroughs for those with MS? The most important of these is as follows:

    I am delighted to inform you of a Young Peoples Group Meeting that has been arranged for a gathering of young(ish) people affected by MS to be held on Tuesday 3 October at 7.30 pm at Eastwell Manor, Eastwell Park, Boughton Lees, Ashford, Kent TN25 4HR. The room and drinks for the evening have been donated by Eastwell Manor and places can be reserved by contacting me [email protected] or Jo Jones on 0845 397 0543.

    The purpose of the evening is for people to get to know one another and decide on how they would like the group to develop. There will be a prize for the person who comes up with a winning name for the Group and a raffle with a Spa Day for 2 at Eastwell Manor value £300 as it's top prize. It is hoped to be a fun and friendly evening.

    So far people from Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Sheppey and Thanet are involved and keen to get things off the ground but they need the word to spread.

    Joanne Jones

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