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    MS Organisations - International

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    Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Logo

    This group, led by Professor George Jelinek (a medical professor diagnosed with MS in 1999), presents a program - The OMS Recovery Program - that utilises the latest research into the modifiable lifestyle risk factors shown to influence MS progression. This lifestyle choice enables people with MS to take control of the illness and improve their physical and mental situations and overall quality of life.

    The OMS website presents analysis of the latest MS research and aims, through its Forum, to establish a community of like-minded people with MS who support each other on their journeys to recovery.

    Live-in week-long retreats to assist people with MS understand and follow this approach are offered in Australia, New Zealand and sometimes elsewhere.

    Website: – the first in the world interactive simulation of multiple sclerosis available in English

    Success of the Polish website presenting interactive simulation of multiple sclerosis symptoms resulted in creation of its English version. Thanks to, Internet users all over the world have a possibility to find out what are the MS patients’ everyday problems. The website is very popular among the Internet users and people suffering from MS. It is the first such project in the world, created by Poles.

    The main idea underlying the creation of was to turn people’s attention on everyday problems that the MS patients have to face. The goal was to show the disease to people in an innovative way by interactive simulation of MS symptoms which could be easily available to everybody. The simulation has an educational function: reaches not only patients but also healthy people who were not aware of what MS means. It is the first simulation of that kind in the world.

    Visitors can try to cope with eight different tasks showing difficulties multiple sclerosis patients have to struggle with everyday. Anna, for 8 years suffering from MS, commented on her blog site: "Wow. Would you like to get an idea of what a SM patient feels every day? Today, I found an incredibly authentic site. The simulation reminded me of how it was. It is a moving experience though not every aspect is displayed, and not with the same intensity. Yes, this is real."

    For a moment the site users can slip into the skin of a people suffering from MS and try to perform some simple tasks, like helping children coloring an image, responding to SMS, writing an email or cutting bread – simple activities that do not cause any problems for healthy individuals, but are challenging for people suffering from MS. Everyone with access to the Internet and traditional computer software, can experience the difficulties of MS patients.

    " helps to visualize our everyday life. The symptoms presented in this simulation are real. I’m very pleased that this website was made, also in English. Now we can sympathise with 2,5 millions of patients all over the world. It also allows us to show healthy people from different countries how the disease looks like, because the symptoms are the same no matter where you are from" – says Izabela Czarnecka, president of the Polish Association of Multiple Sclerosis.

    The tasks were divided into levels which illustrate the condition of patients at different stages of the disease to help healthy people understand the situation of patients with multiple sclerosis. Each level shows various intensity of symptoms representing disease stages (according to The Expanded Disability Status Scale – EDSS*). The website includes also important information about MS. An additional element is the film “Experiment” in which three Polish politicians try to imagine living with the disease.

    Educational website is an English version of Polish website which was launched in July 2009. During 1,5 year of existence it has gained a large popularity among Internet users, patients and pharmaceutical marketing professionals.

    "No other description of disease could have replaced the impressions which we experience during the simulation. Congratulations for the idea!" – commented on the website dedicated to pharma marketing Paweł Kwiatek.

    What is more, was the webpage of the day (1st of April) in Communications Arts Website which is the proof of the appreciation of different environments in Poland and abroad. The English version of the website recorded almost 250 000 page views since December 2009.

    “I am proud that we have managed to create the both language version – Polish and English – of the website here, in Poland. Polish patients suffering from MS need to face some problems with the access to the latest therapies. What is more, the Polish society has low awareness of MS and people cannot define MS symptoms. Now awareness of MS can be spread to different countries, not only in Poland, thanks to website” – says Magdalena Bober, Brand PR Manager of Gedeon Richter Marketing Polska Sp. z o.o.

    The simulation has been prepared under the supervision of the neurologist Maciej Maciejowski. The idea was generated by Gedeon Richter Marketing Polska Sp. z o. o. and developed by the PR agency Hill and Knowlton Poland responsible for the project. Artflash Interactive was responsible for creation of website, technical solutions and interactive tools.

    * Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a method of quantifying disability in multiple sclerosis.

    MS Research Australia

    MS Research Australia Logo

    Our Mission is to accelerate Australian research toward the prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS

    MS Research Australia (MSRA) is the research arm of MS Australia, established in 2004 to accelerate research to find the cause and cure of MS. We facilitate projects which aim to establish the environmental, genetic and neurological origins of MS and encourage collaboration between Australia’s best medical researchers.


    Ms News and Views Logo

    Our Mission: MS Views and News is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of current information concerning Multiple Sclerosis. In collaboration with other organizations, MS Views and News uses state-of-the-art communication channels to provide information for those affected by, or interested in MS.


    The Stu's Views & MS News Blog:

    Follow Stu's Views & MS News on Twitter:

    Neurologique Foundation Inc Logo

    Neurologique Foundation, Inc. (Neurologique) is an organization dedicated to promoting empathetic patient-centered care that is standardized throughout the United States.

    Neurologique stands on three main pillars of patient care, education and research, backed-up by a foundation of quality assurance, all built for the improvement of neurologic care for the entire community.


    CNMSC Logo

    The Canadian Network of Multiple Sclerosis Clinics (CNMSC) is a consortium of Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Clinics for patients, clinic staff, physicians, and researchers.

    The Network was established in 2001 as a unique collaboration amongst Canadian Multiple Sclerosis healthcare providers. At present, the Network includes 22 centers and has over 50 investigators at 15 universities across the country dedicated to this purpose.

    The goal of the CNMSC is to enhance the quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The CNMSC has three specific aims to achieve this goal:

    To provide world-class medical and paramedical patient services for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

    To provide advanced education in Multiple Sclerosis at all constituencies including patient, paramedical personnel and physician education, at a local, national and international level.

    To promote multi-disciplinary research excellence in Multiple Sclerosis in the areas of basic science, health service, clinical, and radiological research.

    Contact Details:

    Email: [email protected]


    MS Cam Logo

    MS-CAM stands for "Multiple Sclerosis-Complementary and Alternative Medicine", and is run by the Rocky Mountain MS Center, a non-profit corporation located in Englewood, Colorado.

    MS-CAM is an organisation which has been set-up due to the increasing interest in field of Complementary Medicine in people with chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, and the unfortunate fact that objective and accurate CAM information related specifically to MS is difficult to find.

    MS-CAM is changing all that, with 7, 337 confirmed Members with MS contributing information about their personal experience of MS & a vast array of Therapies in the field of Complementary Medicine, from supplements to Homeopathy or Chinese Medicine. CAM run many surveys looking a different aspects of MS, such as the effect of the Heat or the Cold on people with MS, or Fatigue and how it interferes with out lives. There are even interesting information on the effects of prayer and humour on MS (where would we be without the latter!), as well the therapeutic benefits of taking Cannabis (Marijuana).

    Bulgarian Toll-Free Multiple Sclerosis Hotline
    Bulgaria has it's own toll-free hotline, informing people on the issues of multiple sclerosis.

    Trained operators inform people who are affected by the disease and their relatives on the treatment methods. They also try to offer psychological support and administrative and legal advice.

    The hotline runs daily from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon. The number is 080011201 and is toll-free for the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) subscribers with digitised numbers.

    More than 80 people between thirty and forty years of age, are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in Bulgaria annually.

    MS South African Logo

    A really comprehensive MS Resource

    Site specifically aimed at MSers living in Southern Africa.

    Many good links and articles, forum and chat etc.

    MS Means Logo

    A great Canadian MS Website, which includes some wonderful MS Teeshirts to buy in the MS means online store.

    "MS Means... has been designed to highlight issues pertaining to Canadian women and men with Multiple Sclerosis - but it is not only for Canadians with MS!

    Anyone dealing with MS in their lives in Canada and around the world, or simply interested in learning more about MS, is welcome to peruse these pages!

    These pages are all about down-to-earth information and self-discovery in learning to cope with MS, by looking at it straight in the eyes, with a sense of humour and a personal perspective!"

    MS World Logo

    "People With MS Helping Each Other"

    News, Support, ChatRooms, Message Boards and much more from this very good North American MS Resource Site which includes MSLiving® a very good online magazine.

    Oz MS Logo

    OZMS is a vibrant MS community with Forums, ChatRoom, Articles and much, much more.

    The Myelin Project Logo

    Hope for Multiple Sclerosis, the Leukodystrophies, and other Myelin Disorders. To visit the Myelin Project webpage click on the link above.

    To visit the UK Branch of the Myelin Project Click Here.

    The Portugese MS Society, please note the site is only in Portugese and does not have a "other languages" option.

    Czech MS Society Logo

    The Czech MS Society, please note the site is only in Czech and does not have a "other languages" option.

    MSAF Logo

    The primary focus is the directly affected and their immediate circles of family, friends, business and professional contacts. For those who have this disease, we provide factual information on how diagnoses are obtained, emotional reactions, rationalization, acceptance, available treatments and coping techniques in a positive, upbeat manner.

    For everyone, our factual information is intended to dispel myths, hearsay and ignorance.

    MSIF Logo

    A comprehensive, international and up to date information resource developed by MS experts worldwide.

    The site is available in a range of languages.

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