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    Personal MS Web Sites

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    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

    HELLO! I'm SYLVIE and I'm 38. I live in Sheffield, England and I have Multiple Sclerosis.

    The main aim of the webpage is to help people with MS find ways of MANAGING our condition, and OVERCOMING our difficulties, to ENABLE US to get on with our LIVES as I am now doing!


    MS Diet For Women Logo

    Kim has MS, and is living a normal life since she was diagnosed in 2010. She wants to share her diet tips with you so you can live symptom free for longer.

    Her site MS Diet For Women is specifically for women with multiple sclerosis who are determined to overcome their disease.

    Diet plays a significant role in reducing symptoms, relapses and ultimately, disease progression. You will not only find information about the healing role of food in MS but also discover the importance of nutrient therapy, exercise and stress-relief.

    "The good news is that we can change the course of our disease by changing our lifestyles."

    Connect with Kim on Twitter or Facebook too.




    Jayne's Blog Logo

    How MS changed my life, my goals, my adventures, my illness


    What to say…Hmmmm I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with MS in Aug 2010, I am taking Copaxone and have been for just over a year now. MS has not stopped me doing anything in fact it has opened my eyes and kicked me in the arse to get a move on with my adventures. I wanted to share what I do with others and hopefully inspire others to do the same or fulfil their own dreams.

    “To live your dreams you first have to wake up”

    Jayne's Blog:


    My name is Sian*.

    I was diagnosed with a highly active relapsing remitting MS in June 2011 at the age of 34 after suffering several episodes of tingles in feet, legs, arms and hands over a few years.

    The diagnoses was finally made after an episode of optic neuritis which resulted in almost total sight loss in one eye for a period of about 12 weeks, followed by painful arm spasms and all over tingles and numbness - and all while pregnant with my with my first (and so far only) baby.

    This website is to record how I coped and am coping with the medication alemtuzumab (also known as Campath and Lemtrada).

    * This is not my real name - my reasons are detailed in the article "To begin at the beginning" which can be found in the before section of Big A: Round one.


    My Odd Sock Logo

    "My Odd Sock is a funny look at life with a limp. An obtuse angle on Multiple Sclerosis, life and everything in between.

    Most of My Odd Sock is nonsense. It's my calling card! But it is also what is bouncing around in my head like a peanut in a tin can. So I use this Internet thingy that Al Gore invented to spew my dumb thoughts about MS and a whole lot of other stuff that gets my knickers in a twist. Hop on and enjoy the ride." - Doug Ankerman

    Doug Ankerman created the Web site, My Odd Sock, to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis and shed light on his humourous moments.

    The whole website is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make people wonder what you have been up to.


    Life In Spite Of MS Logo

    Here at Life in Spite of MS you will find a view of MS from two perspectives - a man with MS and his wife and caregiver.

    We hope you will find information as well as inspiration. We welcome your contributions as well.

    Together we can help others learn to cope with MS one day at a time.


    MS News and Views Logo

    Our Mission: MS Views and News is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of current information concerning Multiple Sclerosis. In collaboration with other organizations, MS Views and News uses state-of-the-art communication channels to provide information for those affected by, or interested in MS.


    The Stu's Views & MS News Blog:

    Follow Stu's Views & MS News on Twitter:

    MS Briefly Logo

    Written & Compiled by Paul Hattersley


    "I am a 47 year-old male and have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1985. The diagnosis was confirmed due to my inquisitiveness after my first symptoms, which was the limping in my left leg followed by slight blurring vision..."

    Paul's personal site contains a lot of information on MS, diet, exercise and fatigue. It is comprehensive and clearly written to aid anyone reading it to more fully understand the condition that he has, and how it affects his world.

    Sandy's Home

    MAKE MS YOUR VICTIM, NOT YOU - this simple message says it all for Sandy's site. It is well laid out with lots of interesting facts, not only about his own life with MS but also where he lives, etc.

    "Since I first started work on our family site in June 2005 it’s always been my intention to have a section on MS. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an illness that affects some 80,000 people in the UK so it’s certainly not rare. There’s a lot of invaluable information on the web, information not only for sufferers but for those close to them. I’ve added a page to this area of the site and will put links to the places I consider to be well worth a visit on there............."

    Squiffy's House Of Fun Logo

    What's this site about?

    This site is dedicated to all those who have Multiple Sclerosis.

    I hope through the laughter contained on this site to lighten the load of those with MS, to entertain those without the disease, and in the process to raise much needed funds for The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre.


    Andy Deek's homepage is about his life with MS; including his trip to England, his lovely dogs and his experiences in Chemotherapy treatment for MS.

    Be ready for a very cool intro page with Flash animations and music. To visit this webpage click on the link above.

    For those of you who cannot tolerate moving images you can skip the intro and go straight to his Homepage by Clicking Here

    Eva Marsh

    Eva Marsh
    This lady is living-proof that Self-Healing and Recovery from MS may be possible.

    Matthew Grace

    Matthew Grace
    Matthew Grace's recovery from severe MS is simply remarkable.

    Check out this website to discover more about this man! You can also read Matthew Grace's personal Account of his Recovery on this site.

    Jock McTavish

    Jock McTavish
    This is a webpage rich with insight, information, and thought provoking reading.

    Jock is wise man indeed and the way he views life is just plain inspiring!


    Betty Iams
    According to this inspiring lady, we have a choice. We can be either Victims or Victors over MS and the choice is ours!

    Her main message is that there is life after MS!

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