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    Tina's Tysabri Diary

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    I was diagnosed back in Sept 2011 but can track various symptoms as far as a few years back. Knew something was wrong with me and my body and kept pushing till finally in a hospital and all the specific tests were done. Cat Scan fine, MRI showed liasions and than spinal lumbar was the confirmation.
    Had done nothing after the last 3 days with steriods in the hospital but really focusing on a natural approach of more things like Chriopractic (knew had severe spinal issues) and than foods and healthier lifestyle management.
    We recently just began it and partially it was delayed in dialog starting any medication for at least 6+ months mainly because I had tested positive to the JCL or JVL virus. I get them all confused at times. I chose this one if and when I decide to go away from completely natural because my one cousin up north is on it, after being on every one before that in part, currently in a wheel chair but truly it was because of lifestyle, choice and my proactive approach with the how on my MS.
    After the 3rd MRI back in June and apparent relapse or progression showing in the spine and dialog with my Nuero and RN it was decided I could go on it for at least 2 years without worry of the things that put fear at me that were listed in brochure like Death, Brain disease ect. And I spoke with one of the support people on the other end of the phone (Huhly) who helped in the process next to my RN who is the bomb of understanding my proactive appoach and desire of understanding.
    I had my first infusion a few weeks ago after a week or so before that of a Steroid treatment of 5 days and so far so good. NO side affects and the infusion went well. I am excited in part to know that I am taking certain steps to potentially slow down any additional progression especially in the spine, but am continuing with supplements and other natural ways things.
    I feel confident because I am strong and this one suits me well that so far so good for a good turn out.

    Update 20th December 2012
    Was on Tysabri, only 2 infusions before they pulled me off due to liver elevation.

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