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    Mercury Filling Removal

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    Mercury Fillings RemovalFurther Information

    Removing Mercury Fillings Helped Me

    My Terrible Experience Removing My Mercury Fillings

    Mercury Exposure and the Dentist Website

    Is mercury safe or not? The argument goes on
    "The use of dental amalgam is free from the risk of systemic toxicity" - British Dental Association

    Many people's view is not shared by the British Dental Association, who have asked us to print the following:

    "We have every sympathy with people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and completely understand why those with the illness want to establish a cause. The last thing that dentists want to do is to be responsible for contributing to general ill-health.

    Dentists are not toxicologists and are not therefore in a position to assess whether there is a link between amalgam fillings and MS. We depend upon the advice of experts in the Department of Health and their Committee on Toxicity (COT) on the safety of all dental materials.

    These experts have found no evidence to suggest that MS can be caused by amalgam fillings. The COT issued a statement on the safety of dental amalgam in 1998 and concluded that the use of dental amalgam is free from risk of systemic toxicity - and that only a few cases of hypersensitivity have occurred. We do of course support further research in this area."

    Yours sincerely, Ian Wylie,
    Chief Executive,
    British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1

    There are many dentists who do not agree with the above. Dr Robert Hempelman, leading light of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry, who has successfully treated many people with MS, says, "They keep on coming up with the same message when it's completely untrue. I think they are worried people are going to sue." Dr Templeman advises anyone with doubts to read "Menace In The Mouth" by theDr Jack Levenson.

    If you have any comments about the removal of mercury fillings, please contact us.

    Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre

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