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    Conductive Education

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    Conductive EducationWhat is Conductive Education?

    • Conductive education is a system of learning developed by the Hungarian physician Professor Andras Pëto in Budapest, Hungary.
    • Conductive education was initially developed for the needs of children with cerebral palsy.
    • Conductive education in its fullest form is a unified system of rehabilitation for people with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease multiple sclerosis and those who have suffered strokes or head injuries.
    • Conductive education is a system in its own right. It is not a composite or amalgamation. It is a system of learning that has been developed with groups of individuals with motor disorders.
    • Conductive education is a learning process, not a treatment or therapy.
    • Conductive education is a partnership between the educator (the Conductor) and learners to create circumstances for learning.
    • Conductive education is an all day all life on going learning process.
    • Conductive education approaches problems of movement as problems of learning.
    • Conductive education can be directed towards all age groups.
    • Conductive education  embraces learning and development of movement, speech and mental ability simultaneously, not separately or consecutively.
    • Conductive education is not a miracle cure. It needs a concentrated effort over a period of time to enable the participants to achieve recognised goals directed by task analysis.
    • Conductive education is a positive concept that looks for ways in which the individual can develop purposeful movement. It does not have a negative approach where complicated aids and equipment are used to facilitate motor control and stability.
    • Conductive education uses only simple well-designed, good quality furniture and equipment.
    • Conductive education has now become established in countries all round the world.

    Further Information

    The National Institute of Conductive Education
    Cannon Hill House
    Russell Road
    Birmingham B13 3RD
    Tel: 0121 449 1569
    Fax: 0121 449 1611
    E-mail: [email protected]

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