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    Further Information

    Sexual Dysfunction In Women With Newly Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

    Introduction: The aim of the study was to evaluate female sexuality in a selective population of newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis (MS) women's and to compare these findings with those from a control group of healthy female volunteers.

    Methods: In this clinic-based study, 63 newly diagnosed consecutive women affected by definite MS were admitted. Disability and psychological functioning were evaluated with the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and Beck's Depression Inventory (BDI) respectively. Sexual function was evaluated with the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). MS patients were matched and compared with a group of 61 female healthy volunteers with the same baseline characteristics.

    Results: All the evaluated patients were ambulant with no major neurological impairment (mean EDSS score 2.5, range 0-3.5). None of the patients were considered clinically depressed, but some of them were sad or worried. According to the sexual history and FSFI scores, sexual dysfunction (SD) was diagnosed in 41 (65.1%) out of the 63 patients and in 9 (14.7 %) out of the 61 health females. Orgasm and Lubrication problems were higher in the MS patients but with no significantly difference (p<0.08).

    Conclusions: Sexual dysfunction is a highly prevalent condition in MS patients. The age at onset of the disease and other concomitant disorders may have a great impact on SD.

    Authors: Skriapas K, Konstantinidis C, Tzortzis V, Hadjigeorgiou G, Samarinas M, Aggelakis K, Poulakis V, Melekos M C

    Source: Urotoday Copyright © 2007 - UroToday (24/09/07)

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