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    CannabisMany people with MS swear that the drug cannabis alleviates their symptoms. Ongoing research trials are being carried out to test whether cannabis can be of benefit to people with MS.

    So far, results of clinical trials are encouraging, especially for Sativex, a cannabis spray which has proved effective in research trials in reducing pain, muscle spasms and bladder problems.

    Although cannabis is not a cure, research suggests that cannabinoids can play a crucial role in controlling some of the neuromuscular problems seen with MS.

    However, there is also mounting evidence to show that the use of cannabis in it's raw leaf form can lead to episodes of psychosis and other mental health issues. To read about these stories please go to our Cannabis General News Archive 2000 - 2006 and the Latest Cannabis News sections of the website.

    Cannabis and MS - the pros and cons
    Possible Benefits

    • Relieves pain
    • Relieves spasms and spasticity
    • Improves bladder and bowel control
    • May improve eyesight and restore feeling to nerve endings
    Possible risks
    • Anxiety, psychosis and panic attacks
    • Loss of concentration and impaired memory may cause brain shrinkage
    Did you know?
    • Canada is the first country to legalise the possession of cannabis for people with chronic illness.

    • Belgium is the second country (after Holland) to have decriminalised the use of cannabis though not its sale. The government sees no reason why it shouldn’t be treated differently to alcohol or tobacco.

    Further Information

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