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    Stress and MSStress has a very detrimental effect on MS. It can certainly exacerbate your symptoms, and may even contribute to relapses. According to latest studies, stress appears to increase Multiple Sclerosis activity.

    When you think about this logically it makes a lot of sense. If you are 'stressed out' and run down, you will feel worse, and this will magnify your MS symptoms. If you continue to push yourself too far and refuse the listen to your body then it is likely that you will eventually collapse. In this way a relapse could be triggered to make you slow down, rest, recuperate and look after yourself. So please be aware of these pitfalls.

    Your health is the most precious thing in the world to you, so try to keep a hold of that. All the trivial things in day-to-day living pale into insignificance compared to the value of your health and happiness. Stress isn't worth it in the end, so take time for yourself and relax no matter what pressure you feel that you are under.

    Positive thinking and a  positive attitude play a vital role in your well-being, living with MS.

    To keep up to dat on the latest research into stress and how it affects MS please visit the Stress and MS research page.

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