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    Hormones Hormones seem to play a role in the development of MS. For a start MS affects more women than men by a ratio of 3:1. Also, women with MS often go into remission during pregnancy.

    Why is this? Researchers are looking into this field to discover more about the role hormones play so as to come up with an effective treatment!

    Could it be the high oestrogen levels or the high progesterone levels found in pregnant women that are causing this spontaneous remission?

    Further Information 

  • Progesterone and MS
    In his book "What the Doctors don't tell you about Pre-Menopause" Dr. John Lee talks about all the benefits of Progesterone cream. Progesterone hormone levels are elevated during pregnancy, and this could be why many pregnant women experience fewer attacks in the last three months of pregnancy.

    Often women also experience relapses or worsening in MS symptoms in the week before their period.

    Find out how Progesterone cream has helped those with MS.

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