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    MeditationPeople can transcend anything once they learn to tap into the creative genius inside. Meditation is the connecting link between mind and body, the finite and the infinite. The key to creating anything in our life is learning to contact the spirit part of our being, the creative genius, the healer, which resides within each and every one of you.

    The secret is learning the art and discipline of daily meditation.

    Many people have a misconception of what meditation is. They think that it is a visualisation and/or "guided meditation", but it is merely a "meditative state". While one can slip into meditation from a visualisation exercise, true meditation, according to Dr. Deepak Chopra, is contacting your higher self, finding the gap between thoughts where the 'thinker' resides.

    Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to your higher self as your 'sacred' self. The great yoga masters perfected the technique generations ago. In recent years meditation has been accepted by mainstream medicine as a very effective way to reduce stress in our lives. The medical benefits are well documented.

    However, the original purpose of meditation was to get in touch with the spirit side of our nature. The practice of primordial sound (transcendental) meditation, which is only taught by people specifically trained in the technique, is recommended. The Center for Mind Body Medicine is one such place teaching this technique.

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